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In this build I have developed some new 3D printed parts to make the component installation a little easier than the previous builds. I modified the wing assembly system and the height assembly to build a T-38 Talon EDF conversion. One difference in this design is that I used 2 56 "x 0.72" threaded rods, Dubro Kwik clips and brazed couplings.

The Kicksin is a hybrid assassin build that balances the use of melee attacks and traps to make it less equipment dependent than some of the other melee constructions and playing the game with low resistance. Not a gear-dependent construction, but requires a few solid key elements to get going.

It prevents Talon's Proce Passive from maximizing your ability to blast targets. It also clears priority targets, so you can't apply your ability to an enemy while Talon exercises its passivity. The second ability grants Talon 20 percent movement speed when the ability passes one unit.

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It is not so easy for Talon to jump on enemy champions such as Faker by using Prowler to attack enemy lackeys as well as Qiyana by using Audacity.

Rune on champions with Talon Elektrocute deals bonus damage if he lands three unique abilities on an enemy for three seconds. This item gives Talon a bonus lethality that only makes it more dangerous for champions, especially those who build to meet it. A rune of electric shocks on the champion with Talon's electric shocks will cause bonus damage if he encounters at least three unique abilities against enemies for three seconds.

Talon, like any other champion in the league, uses a variety of items from game to game to complement his situation. Each item has a unique Passive, such as the ability to wear enemy armor when the enemy takes damage from Talon.

Talon is a champion who likes to bend, fight and skirmish in the middle lane. Like other league champions, Talon can use a variety of items effectively to complement their situation from game to game. Their main items give the player the best chance of winning, regardless of the state of the game.

This section explains what skills you can build up. The further Talon gets into the game, the more important it will be to build health items for the champion. Before season 11 talon built runes to help you deal with physical damage, but now you should focus on building items that maximize the damage from AD burst and the ability of the champions.

The LoL build shown above is your bread-and-butter build for Talon for most of the game. The LoL Aram build of Talon, which you will see below, is somewhat different.

Nimbus Mantel is one of the most powerful for Champion Talon. The meth pump builds up pressure, as I said, if you hit it at low speed on the 3rd, you get rich and it sinks when the boost pressure starts. Every morning, cars pull up, and a few pull up when it's hot, and get fired incorrectly because of the upswing.

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As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent.

The ruthless hunter grants Talon five combat movement speeds that allow him to chase after enemy champions and adjust to the perfect takedown combination. In addition, the rune grants him increased movement speed due to the cooldown of the spell he uses.

There is no doubt that Prowler's Claw is the best mythical item for Talon. With 50% attack damage and 10% CDR, this item fits perfectly in any talon build. A passive ability called Nightstalker sees Talon deal invisible bonus damage for a second, perfect for his ultimate ability, Quick Dash into the Bush.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the best boots for any champion in the game, and that includes Talon. If Talon is one of your favorite players playing on Aram, we don't blame you.

Below we will review the best items and rune strategies for each champion. We calculate the highest win rate for each item build, the best runes for talon, mythical item and skill orders, complete item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item orders, jewelry, counters, etc. You will find the best items and runes you can build on Talon, as Leaguespy's calculations have shown from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games.

For more information see my builds for MT1 and MT2 at the bottom of this page. For a detailed breakdown of Kicksin articles and alternative builds, please read the gear page of this tutorial. In addition, this build page has become more of a storefront than a list of all possible builds.

One of the statistics we prioritize in LoL Talon Builds is the most lethal and armor piercing. The percentage shown below is the counterscore of the opposing champions against Talon in Jungle Plat games. The main reason why we rely on Talon on LoL as our second point is the additional lethality.

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Lee Sang-hyeok played 13 games with Talon in the middle lane until March 6 and named his stream T1: Faker vs. Talon. Depending on the score, Talon can be slow in the early game, but it is able to quickly assemble sets, which means it will be able to set up takedowns. It's not a difficult champion to master because you can combine your skills and uniqueness.

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