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Mystic Strike is a ranged ability shot which applies an effect when it hits, so it is the reason Trinity Force and IcebornGauntlet are such a popular item in Ezreal. While Mystic Shot does apply on-hit effects, it cannot be critical, which is whycritical items are usually a bad idea on Ezreal. Sometimes, it is necessary, particularly if an opponent is abusing theEzreals bad Waveclear for an advantage in the lane, but try to do everything you can to counter it without Mystic Shot.

The primary goal is to get as many Mystic Shots in as you can, in lane when possible (again, learning the range and width ofthe skill will help you to entwine it between targets), but you will have a mana pool to cast Essence Flux on a regular basisnow, and Trueshot Barrage often gives you higher attack speed thanks to increased spell power. W-Essence Flux, and both ofEzreals E-Arcane Shift and R-Trueshot Barrage scale up with Ability Power, which allows for some crazy damage. Since Ezrealis all about using his Mystic Shot(Q) every time he is out of Cooldown, Essence Reaver could work wonders for Ezreal.

On Ezreal, your goal is to use your W, Q, and Auto Attacks together to whittle away at the enemies HP. With an Ezreal buildgeared towards AP, you should prioritize a W+E combination, along with W+R to do maximum damage. While with most AD carrybuilds, Berserker Greaves is a better choice, with Ezreal, one of the key stats is skill acceleration, so you will get themost out of the kit.

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With Ezreal, you are building up to Manamune, that is because you are using abilities constantly with Ezreal, and they have avery low cooldown, so you do not just want mana from Manamune, but you also stack the passives really quickly, and upgradingthat item into Muramana allows Ezreal to deal much more damage in the mid to late game. Sheen is then used in buildingManamune, this gives you an enormous amount of mana, and it also increases the damage of attacks and the haste of abilitiesby 35 and 15, respectively. This max mana is then converted into attack damage, making Ezreal get bonuses both ways.

Attacking, or landing a skill on the enemys first champion, causes an Orb to be knocked over, dealing magical damage andrefilling Ezreals mana. Activating Essence Flux causes Ezreal to drop an orb, which sticks on the first enemy champion,Structure, or Epic monster for several seconds. The first enemy champion, Structure, or Epic monster for several seconds.When using Essence Flux, you will be attacking the closest enemy as you spawn, but if there is an Essence Flux target in thearea, it will take the brunt of the damage.

If you attack or use any skill on something that has Essence Flux on it, Essence Flux will do additional magical damage andrefill Ezreals mana. Shortening Arcane Shifts cooldown makes it incredibly useful, and it allows you to whizz through thewreckage like some nightmare carnage machine. The key benefit Essence Reaver gives to Ezreal is its unique ability, whichcauses players to do extra damage on their automatic attacks once the ability has been used. Last, but certainly not least,Manamune gives Ezreal AD according to his max mana, making him critical to any build around the champ.

Built off Tear of the Goddess, this is the mainstay on Ezreal, since it is synergistic with his kit like casters, and hisupgraded version, Manamana, helps his Mystic Shot deal massive amounts of additional damage. With the conqueror, you getadditional damage for each individual attack, and you will heal when you fully stack, which is useful considering that you donot typically have a lot of lifesteal in your build. This adds tons of additional stat gains, along with a passive onSpellblade which increases your first attack damage once the skill is activated. Hitting the target decreases EZReals otherAbility Cooldowns by a little more than one second, so it is important that you attempt to hit Spellblade each and everytime.

Ezreals Mystic Shot (1st Ability) is a good way to stand back and keep safe while hitting minions at the end as well, so thatyou get that one item that you need to take over the game. Ezreals presence in lane relies on the threat of Mystic Shot -- anopportunity for lots of poking damage every time an opponent moves out of position -- and her slippery nature with ArcaneShift. While a good Thresh is usually also dominant in the lane, Ezreal is able to punish it by moving out from minions insearch of hooks with Mystic Shot. Once Ezreal gets into mid-to-late game and has the Ezreal staple items, he is able to standhis ground and take out enemies at range using the abilities of Ezreal.

The attack speed bonus on the stack is able to stack up to four times, and Ezreal loses the stack after several seconds ofbeing out of the skill. While he does deal some magic damage, a lot of it is physical, which is difficult for Ezreal toovercome since the Armor Penetration items are not his best. The 1 second slow effects makes him easier to harass enemieswith and hits ability shots, perfect for his build. Once Ezreal gets Ezreal 3s main items (Manamune Upgrade, Trinity Force,and Ruined Kings Knife), he can simply sit back, relax, and snipe enemy teams, as they cannot come near you.

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