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Tristana is a dragon track champion who focuses on attacking, damaging and killing the opposing team. She is one of the best marksmen in the rifle and has one of the highest distance and attack speed stats without the need of items which can make her a danger at the beginning of the game complemented by her super offensive skills. Their passivity makes them even more potent late in the game, as they are able to land attacks on enemy targets, even if they are outside the attack zone.

Phantom Dancer - An item that improves Tristana's ability to duel enemy champions. This item has a Passive that reduces the damage of the opposing champions to Tristana when they mark them with their car attacks. Vampiric Sceptre - This item offers lifestyle over time (AP) of Tristana's auto-attack on the enemy and can be used to build stronger items such as Bloodthirsty Blade or Ruined King, depending on the composition of the opposing teams.

The following Stasis Tristana, Stormrazor, Rapid Firecannon, Mortal Reminder, Phantom Dancer, Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge are all better suited for critical strike damage. These items provide tank penetration and automatic attacks that synergy with Infinity Edge, and they allow AP Tristanas to do more damage to their enemies. Infinity Edge is a powerful item that scales well with stasis, giving it a lot of attack damage and critical damage that you and the enemy can increase.

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Tristana is a champion who has many uses in the game, be it fend off his enemies and push the trajectory in the middle of the game, eliminate anyone who gets in your way late in the game or learn how to use his skills to attack, defend and escape. Playing Tristana with Miss Fortune is not easy but she gets a lot of damage early in the game because you have fast attack speed, your power spin and explosive charge to defeat her. Tristana's item path revolves around three items: BF: It prioritizes the acquisition of high damage and attack speed items and its Q ( rapid fire ability) covers its attack speed for the early game.

Jhin has a low attack speed in the early game, which gives Tristana the advantage of being easy to bully with explosive charges and rapid fire combos. Playing has the advantage of Tristana's long range to do much more damage early in the game and can take advantage of explosives charges to get a lot of farm in Team Fightings. A great support to play against Tristana, Braum and his Passive is great when combined with his explosive charge to stun the enemy with 4 car attacks.

When in team fights and skirmishes a highly threatened enemy gets too close, use skill like 2 rocket jumps in the air or use Ultimate Buster Shot to broaden the gap between Tristana and the enemy champion. At levels 12-15, after building up the item, she will usually hit the enemy with an Energized Attack and leave without taking any damage. Once you reach late play with your core items, in late play it can use its range and passivity to pull a pearl and kill the entire team.

Tristana fires a cannonball at the enemy, inflicting magical damage (300-100) and the ability to strike back the enemy. When she kills a unit, her cannonball bursts into shrapnel and deals damage to surrounding enemies. Tristana jumps to a destination, deals 60-50% magic damage (with ability), and slows nearby enemies by 60% for a second.

Rocket jump makes Tristana hard to deal with, as her cooldown is reset when she is intercepted by an enemy, and she manages to detonate a stack of 3rd explosive charges. Pow Pow Minigun increases her burst damage and allows her to charge her third explosive charge as a late-game ability, giving her one of the deadliest DPS ADCs.

In addition, you should know that Tristana's aggressive style is complemented by its passive style which is its explosion. Tristana is best when it is important to learn how to use its explosion passively in combination with rocket jumping to jump at enemies with explosive charges, to place their bombs against them with rapid fire and to let them explode to do as much damage as possible. The excellent Tristana Stattik Shiv is one of the things you should build with zeal to help your farm items and do more damage to your court in collisions.

Tristana deals at least 1 damage to each enemy and is considered a takedown. The passive part explodes when the enemy is killed, and their attacks do magical damage. In percentage terms, the opposing counter-scoring against Tristana in an ADC placement game is shown.

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In our Tristana Guide you will learn how to build items, form runes, and select skills to use Tristana's abilities. You will also find the best items and rune constructions for Tristana, determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for item constructions with the best runes for Tristna, mythical item and skill orders, complete item constructions, starting items, summoning spells, item orders, trinkets, and tokens.

Sona - Sona is a healing, aggressive support with a high damage output and stunning ultimate, while healing and increasing Tristana's speed of movement in team fights. This is a combination you can subtract for the first time at level 2 with Tristana and the enemy Laner.

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