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Kalista is one of the best champions for killing champions who lack mobility. Runaans Hurricane is part of the core setup for the Bot Lane Kalista, but is not strictly necessary for this track unless you intend to regroup your team. For example, when Kalista is alone, she does not have the usual statistics, she is passive in her W-track, and she is vulnerable to crooks due to her limited mobility, so expect many visits from enemy jungle fighters.

While traditional ADC buildings automatically attack Kalista and cause great damage, it can also use its rendering utility as a source of damage. The rendering damage we calculated above does not exceed the standard build, but the damage taken with 80% AD damage increases damage, and her single-target DPS suffers less damage, meaning she must fight in situations where she can attack multiple people at the same time. As building damage increases, Kalista is able to apply rending to multiple targets, and as an ADC who prefers to hit a single enemy, there is less risk of being caught and killed.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. While Kalista's Pierce Q has good base damage and 100% AD scaling, it drops during the laning phase as it has to rush certain attack velocity objects that do not have much AD. This slows you down when moving, which means you lose the advantage against Kalista.

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Hail Blade Our Kalista building guide is based on the fact that Hail Blade gives you 110% attack speed that exceeds the cap. Alacrity is a huge sum in the late game and helps Kalista to mate with Hail Blades who attack at lightning speed. Teleport is a must for Kalista in the front row of the game, but mana intensive.

Since Kalista is bound to her orbit, jungle players are more likely to visit her orbit as they can project the W Passive, which deals bonus magical damage, and attack her orbit.

Kalista is a great choice for Tanky teams because of her kit and list. In the early levels, the damage done by Kalista is considerable, but it gets better when she starts to complete her items. Kalista starts the game with the Black Spear item that can be used to bind her allies.

A large number of players prefer Kalista for her offensive skills. With her agility, stealthiness, poking and poking, she can easily bother Kalista. If an enemy jumps on Kalista, she will have a hard time fighting back.

Several runes on this page are viable for Kalista, especially one in the top trace. The best Kalista runes for the lower course are precision (primary) and sorcery (secondary). The best Kalista runes are position range (primary path) and A (secondary path).

Kalista was played by Invictus Games Top Laner for the first time this season this week, helping his team to a resounding 2-0 victory. However, she played her traditional role as ADC in the front row. Kalista is a hotly contested contender for the top spot in League of Legends Solo Que.

Each spear is capable of dealing maximum health and magical damage to the targets that can be removed with Kalista's Spear. Percentages show the opposing counter score against Kalista in the ADC-Plat game.

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Below you will find the best items and Runic Buildings for Kalista determined by calculations from thousands of PLAT and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best runes, mythical items and skills of the Kalista, complete item building elements, summoning spells, item building orders, jewelry, and tokens. How to Build Kalista in Season 11 guide AD Rune Page Kalista is a powerful item with top build that can do full damage to professional players to enhance summoner's abilities following the latest Kalista combinations in League of Legends.

Similar to how players used to buy AD items to build the Static Shiv and Tristana to complete Infinity Edge, players can do the same with Kalista and give them extra mobility with Runaan Build Attack Speed and extra mobility with Static Shiv Phantom Dancer Movespeed bonus. Build Kalista Season 11 Max Attack Speed Gunsoos Rageblade Wits End enemies with magical power and increased ability to deal spear, tear and e-stack damage.

Those who have been betrayed cry out for vengeance, and Kalista answers for those who are willing to pay with their souls. Those at the center of Kalista's wrath conclude their final peace treaty with her, ending in a cold, penetrating fire from her soulspear.

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