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With precision runes and strong duels combined with an armoured playing style, Samira is one of the most difficult champions to play in League of Legends at 1.19. The best Samira runes are on the primary and secondary path.

As you can see, the most common incantation spell for Samira is flesh healing. Flash Heal is a standard ADC combination, and Doublelift can be used to cure Samira.

Not only does it activate several times, but it also stacks with Conqueror Strike if you're looking for a crit build to keep Samira alive in a pinch. Conqueror provides Samira with all the stats necessary for a life-threatening AD in addition to her ability to stack. Remember that Samira's E works in full range with Dash, so if you have enemies nearby, you can use it in melee combat.

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Samira is a great fighter to fight because her passivity gives her reach and melee bonus. She is the kind of champion who gets her enemies to face up to the extra damage that Conquerors inflict on her, which helps her a lot. Samira builds on combo hits and attacking skills that are unique to the previous hit.

Samira's melee attacks deal additional magical damage, which increases due to the lack of health of the targets. When Samira attacks, enemies affected by the idle effect are thrown back, and the target deals up to six (or more) attacks. Samira can dash within range of the target when her attack is within reach.

Samira fires a shot that deals C% physical damage to the enemy's first hit. If the ability is thrown at an enemy within melee range, Samira strikes with her Sword and deals C $physical damage to the enemy. Samira darts towards an enemy or ally and hits enemies she passes, deals magic damage and gains bonus attack speed: + 100% attack speed for 3 seconds. It strikes itself for a second, damages enemies with C $in physical damage and destroys enemy missiles that penetrate the area.

Passive Daredevil Impulse Samira builds a combo hit ability that is unique to each previous hit. Blade Whirl Samira works her way through harmful enemies and destroys them with rockets. Cast Wild Rush Samira beats enemies on her way to completion.

What's interesting about Samira's passive ability, Daredevil Impulse, is that it builds combos that increase six-fold. Samira can move far away from the enemy and build up enough agility and speed to sneak and poke at enemies with car attacks and Q.

Most snipers attack from a distance of three metres, but Samira enjoys being positioned with little action until she begins to attack on her own and build up to her ultimate goal. In team fights, Samira can dodge enemies and engage, and she can terrorise cuddly wearers. There aren't many champions who can match Samira but Miss Fortune, Senna and the ADC should make you nervous.

Samira's flashy playing style, full of combos, is refreshing and fun to play, making her one of the funniest ADCs in the game. With Samira's high potential damage, her built-in dash gives her the ability to stay safe from crowd control, allowing her to drop late compositions. Samira is positioned to avoid potential assassins who fall on her and bring her down.

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It can attack enemies and allies with abilities, deal damage to enemies it crosses, and gain attack speed. Their built-in combo hits are unique to each attack, and unlike previous hits, each hit is an attack on a different target that alternates between skills and basic attacks. A Samira hit is six Samiras, and a 100 / 0 combination will beat most champions.

Samira gets 1 gold for each first opposing champion hit, including the dead, those who are offended, and 1 real damage gets 1 gold from Samira. If two stars are picked up by Samira but not placed, they are on the player's Battlefield and deal 20% additional attack damage during combat. Her hit (s) when she shows up will shoot enemies around her, do a ton of damage and steal lives.

Samira is the youngest shooter in League of Legends, and you can see her detailed skills in our post. As with any Samira, you should keep an eye on your own style, rating, ultimate availability and CC cooldowns against the opposing team. In team fights you can find out how Samira fights and see what works best for her.

Immortal Shield Arch Mythical items like Doublelift fit well with Samira. As Samira begins to become a bigger target for the opposing team, this item is a good one to have.

The mythical object Doublelift relies on when Samira doubles her defenses is exactly what Doublelift wants. When the target is not within range of attack, Samira races towards them from a certain distance (not from the terrain) and attacks. Doran's Blade is a common starting point for most ADCs, but Samira doesn't stray too far from it.

This proposed Samira build is a change to capture the meta skill levels. Starting with Flair Q, Samira gives her main damage ability, which is especially useful in the early levels.

Samira joins League of Legends in patch but don't worry: the game has the best builds, runs, tips and tricks that you need to know to master Runeterra's new shooters. In this section, Samira's skills are explained. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for Samira mythical items, skill sequence and complete item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry and tokens.

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