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Below, you can see the best builds for LoL Draven, calculated from average winning builds on the Platinum+ League. Below youcan find the best items and runes to build Draven with, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of LoL Plat+matches. In this build, we are going to show off some of the best choice items for Draven, and why they are so effective.

With our Draven build guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, skill order, and how to use theabilities for Draven correctly. If you are already comfortable playing Draven, it is an excellent resource for getting goodrune choices for patch 11.20 fast. As you can see in the above build, the mentioned rune sets are the ones that have the bestpotential on Draven.

Just like a lot of other champs in League of Legends, Draven is going to use different items depending on what kind ofsituation they are in. Next to starting items, there are starting items, and you will later level these up into full itemsfor a Draven build.

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This Draven build is kinda like a glass cannon in comparison to Bloodthirster-Critical build, as it does not have as muchsurvivability and life steal. Bloodthirster should always be the first build item of your Draven champion of choice, since itgives you an insane amount of heals, as well as shielding to provide additional resilience during wild Rift fights. Dravenhas massive damage on the base -- Bloodthirster is an amazing early item that provides additional damage and life steal.

The extra eight attack damage helps Draven to stay alive in the lane should he be taking damage, and also helps him tosurvive duels. Legend Stacks will provide additional life steal to Draven, which allows for more sustained play in the lane,while also assisting him when he is dueling enemies in game. As enemies start building up tank items later on in the game,Dominiks Reception from Lords will be extremely important to Draven in order to maintain his momentum and win hisengagements.

This tried-and-true build, centred around Bloodthirster, gives Draven early damage mitigation, as well as damage that Dravensneeds to snowball into a fight. Then, when you get a chance, you have to look to take a few early kills in order to gainextra gold off his passive, Dravens Alliance. Do not be afraid to play Draven aggressively during laning phase, the passiveDraven gives you one of the best snowballs in the game, every elimination nets you lots of gold.

As mentioned, Draven is a early-game champion, and you have to gain the early advantages in order to carry into late-game.Draven is not for the weak-hearted farm-type players as Draven needs to be aggressive and win their lanes in order to wingames.

He has a unique style of play, and in order to be effective as a Draven player, you have to adhere to that style. Draven is apowerful laner marksman, he has high ranged attacks, high damage, he can win 2-1s with ease, but Draven is incrediblydifficult to play, taking an extended amount of time to learn his skills. Alongside his natural strength in early game, itbecomes easier once he gets one kill due to bonus gold.

Draven does more damage in the early game than any other Dragon Lane champion, and he is able to take advantage early, makingthe middle and late game for Draven even better. Draven is an aggressive marksman in early game who snowballs his play withaggressive plays and by playing a certain style against the enemy.

Draven launches his Axes, dealing physical damage and putting enemies down, slowing them down for several seconds. StandingUp Draven throws his spinning axes, dealing physical damage to targets he hits and knocking them aside.

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The biggest thing to know about spinning axes is that the axes fall in the direction of, or close to, where Draven is facingwhen he hits an opponent with an axe. Up to two axes grant massive bonus damage on a Dravens attacks, but there is a hitchwith Spinning Axes, which is you must grab the axe when it comes back down, otherwise you lose your bonus.

With Cheap Shot, those basic attacks are going to deal even more damage as enemies that get movement impaired take the actualdamage from Dravens attacks bonus. These charged attacks will deal bonus magic damage with increased range, and dramaticallyboost the amount of damage Draven is capable of dealing over short periods.

Use Dravens Spinning Axe (1st Ability) on minions that are on their last hits, and be sure to grab the axes stacks for itsLoyalty to the League of Draven passive. For anyone having issues with getting their axes caught and using Dravens abilities100% efficiently, this item helps to compensate for small mistakes. This build works great for Draven users that struggle tocatch each and every axe, since scaling the mana gives much more leeway.

Ghostblade grants additional AD and mana for every ability used, extending beautifully with Dravens Bloodrush. YoumuusGhostblade, combined with Dravens W Ability, helps Draven chase enemies down and stab enemies in an easy manner. You canpractice Draven on the Practice Tools, and attempt 3-5 Axe Kiting, in order to build up Axe Muscle Memory, and become morefluid in the champ.

It is important to know how to differentiate when playing Draven, do not put yourself too far into harms way by trapping youraxes, and sometimes play extremely aggressive, targeting your opponents backline in an attempt to take out their ADCs orMidlaners. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning those who could counter Draven, and vice versa,if you see that Draven is stronger against an opponents teams carries, then you should choose Draven. Since the build of11.19 Draven, the champion that helps you do Physical Damage, you are going to be focused on building for full damage,marksmen are almost always built for full damage items, with few item exceptions.

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