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You can use different adaptive builds for Draven based on the opposing champions you face. You can play dragons as AD carriers in Dragonalley and build items that give you high attack damage and attack speed to face the enemy. The following are recommended Draven Builds that have specific unique capabilities for each level of the meta.

Each time you pick up an axe and kill a minion or monster, you get piles of Worship, which is its Passive in League of Draven. These stacks are consumed when a dragon kills a champion, and each kill grants bonus gold to the dragon. Use your spinning axe as the first skill to hit a minion last, and make sure you catch your axes with stacks of worship.

Killing an enemy champion grants Draven bonus gold based on how much worship he has. Draven receives a stack of Worship each time he kills a unit or is caught by a spinning axe.

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As you play Draven, you can create different attack combos based on the situation and the opposing champion you face. You can also make different skill combos with Draven based on which opposing champions you face. From Bloodthirsty (Infinity Edge) and Essence of the Mortal Reminder to voracious Greaves (Quicksilver), Draven has a better build-up of attack and damage items.

Core Items Draven starts with a set of items that allow you to keep healthy during the landing phase. Once the enemy starts building armor later in the game, this is important for Draven to keep up momentum and win their battles. Later in the games, Draven will look to build durability and armor.

Draven's Snowball is a natural early skill, and if they get even one kill, it becomes easier to get kills and bonus gold. With their rotating axis scaling and life-saving onslaught, this goes hand in hand with Bonus AD.

The Guardian Angel boasts 40% attack damage and armor and also Draven with a passive that gives him 50% health and mana when it is taken out of combat. These items grant additional AD, mana, and skills scaled with Draven's Blood Rush. For those who have difficulty catching up and using Draven skills to more than 100%, these items can help compensate for small bugs.

Combined with Draven's W ability, this will help him pursue enemies and kill them in an easy way. Legend Stack grants Draven extra life stealing, which gives him extra hold in the trajectory, benefiting him in duels with enemies later in the game.

Doran's Blade, a frequent choice as a starting point for ADC champions, offers Draven many of his favorite statistical boosts early in the game, giving him a great starting base.

Draven uses a variety of items like many other champions in the league depending on the situation he finds himself in. In our Dragon Guide you will learn which items to build, how to build runes, and how to choose skills to use Dragon skills. In each build we will present the best item options for Draven and explain why they are effective.

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Draven is an aggressive shooter of the early game who can play his game against his opponents with an aggressive style of play. Draven do the most damage in the early game compared to other Dragon Lane Champion and uses it as an early advantage to improve his mid-game and late game. His flair is dramatic and his unparalleled skill is his spin axis.

Draven throws his axes, which do physical damage and repel enemies, and slows them down for a few seconds. Draven can throw his axes again, do physical damage to the hit target, and strike back. The two huge axes return to Draven when they reach the edge of the map and after reactivation hit the champion.

Draven's Basic Attack is a single-target ability that consumes 3 mana and gives a physical bonus. If you play Draven and choose your opposing team, it is probably better to try to include them in the early game without getting killed. This is because the longer the game goes on, the more difficult it becomes to survive against the enemy, and if your axes fall into uncomfortable positions, Draven will fight late in play.

In this post, League of Legends Wild Rift looks at the best builds, runes and skills to take Draven to the top of the game, and finds tips and tricks to help you master the champion. You will find the best items and runic structures for Draven, determined by calculations from thousands of PLAT and League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds of winning for each item build, the best runes, mythical items and dragon skill order, item build starts, summoning spells, item build order, jewelry and tokens.

With precision runes and complete damage items, this build combines the shooting style of Draven Build 1119 with the most difficult to play Champion in League of Legends. Im a stupid fuck for thinking that 4 armor and pen on my 2nd item means I can play late game draven, but I know I can outscale it. Name Shield Name Name is the best draven pussy element to save me. I got five ads and I feel good about it.

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