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In this Ashe guide, we see some of Ashea's skills in LoL: Wild Rift and how you can use them to get the most out of the game. Ashe can attack automatically, slow down enemies that attack her, deal damage to targets around her, and deal bonus damage due to her crit rate.

Ashe is Critical Attacks do not cause bonus damage, but cause a strong slow effect. Critical chance and critical damage are affected by the amount of bonus damage Ashe deals to slow targets. Ashe is Critical Strike deals bonus damage to an empowered or slow target.

Ashe is a dragon track champion who focuses on attacking damage and killing the opposing team. She is one of the shooting champions with high physical damage and plays as a prop in the Dragon Track. Ashe is not only good in terms of damage, but also great in terms of controlling the crowd to help your team kill the enemy.

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You can attack automatically with Ashe and hit 2 other enemies nearby. At maximum focus, Ashe can play Ranger Focus by using stacks of focus to increase her attack speed and transform her basic attacks into a powerful onslaught for a duration. She can also use Volley as a second skill to poke at enemy bots in the alley and finally meet minions.

Ashe attacks slow down their targets and deal increased damage to each of their attacks. It also has a basic attack ability that will damage and slow down a target by 15% over the next 2 seconds. Ashe attacks slow down their target and cause them to do increasing damage in each of their attacks.

Combined with attack speed and critical random products, it becomes easy for shooters to inflict enormous damage on enemy champions. To build Ashe, I suggest taking an item with attack speed, as this is the most popular and universal variant of the build. With the bonus attack speed she accumulates from runes, abilities, and items, the amount of damage she can do with one shot increases.

One of the most important late game items on Ashe grants you 40 armor, 45 attack damage, and a resurrected passive effect. The incredibly beneficial increase of attack damage to 40 damage at 25 percent attack speed and 10 percent life theft is, but the perfect item for this build is the Blade of the Destroyed King, which shines with its unique ability to see through ash and deal bonus damage on basic attacks relevant to the health of enemies.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow Ultimate: Ashe discards an ice Crystal Arrow that stuns the first champion hit and deals magical damage to nearby enemies. Multiple arrows deal physical damage and slow down enemies by a critical amount, which Ashe doubles is a normal slow effect. The scale of slow effect depends on the degree of critical attack, which slows down Ashe's damage.

In the lower lane, where there are two opposing champions, Ashe is likely to be hurt by one or both during the agriculture. With this ashshe build you can gain an advantage by taking trades in the track.

As a shooter, Ashe can be played as a dragon in the course, accompanied by a tank that absorbs damage and provides visibility. As a marksman, that means the agility is not as great, but Ashe can still attack enemies from a safe distance.

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We calculated the highest win rate for each mythical Ashe item, each skill order, each full item build, each starting item, each summoning spell, each item build order, and each jewelry counter. You can also see the priority of skills you need to play Ashe.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Ashe, we have you covered. Below we have listed the best ashshe builds for each item you can use in Wild, Rift, and Ashe. You will find the best items and runes you can build for Ashe, as Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games have revealed.

The Essence of Runaans Hurricane, Infinity Edge, Mortal Reminder, Guardian Angel, Greedy Greaves and Stasis These are all items that cause ash-building attack damage and benefit from high attack speed and critical hit opportunities.

As I mentioned above, Ashe does not have the greatest mobility, but if you want a champion with a lot of physical damage and crowd control, she is for you. Rangers focus on increasing Ash itself attack speed and attack damage, which makes the damage bonus of double steroids scarily effective and increases their DPS. Once she has the late game she will have the core elements for it, and she will use her crowd control to help your team win the game.

Read on to learn the best IVs, individual scores, best builds, inherited skills, weapon refinements, stats, LV 40 and more about Summer Ashe. Learn more about Ashe skills in detail, the best items, skills and more. In our Ashe Guide, you will learn what items you need to build, which runes you need to select, and what skills you need to select in each skill to use Ashe skills.

Summer Ashes ATK is so high that it allows him to compete with other fast units in the game, such as the legendary Dimitri and Ninja Hana.

This item increases many of Ashe's most important scores, Runaan's Hurricane increases attack speed by 45 percent, critical hit chance by 20 percent, and movement speed by seven percent. The perfect item for Ashe is Blade of the Ruined King, which not only offers impressive statistical increases, but also effective abilities to complement the champion set. With Precision Rune and full damage items in this build, combined with a shooters style of play, Ashe builds for $11.19 are among the easiest champions in League of Legends.

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