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If you are already comfortable playing the Ashe, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch11.20. With our Ashe Guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use theabilities of Ashe correctly.

Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Ashe, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofLeague of Legends games at Plat+. As Ashe continues to adjust to the volatile LoL meta, you might wonder which runses anditems are worth brewing for in Season 12, so heres our detailed guide on Ashe, which will help tip the scales in his favournext time he dips his toes in League of Legends. Ashe is one of League of Legends easiest AD Carry champs, but it is notexactly a walk in the park to get good at it, so heres our breakdown on which runes and items you should run on LoL. Ashemight be an old-school carry in League of Legends, but with the right builds and runes, Ashe can rip through competition inno time.

While much of Ashe is power blossoms late in game, he also provides excellent map-wide utility throughout every phase ofplay. Once Ashe hits late game and has the Ashe staple items, that is when she can start looking to utilize her crowd controlabilities to help her team win games. When she hits Level 5, Ashe can use her Crystalline Spellslinger (2nd Abilities),Ranger Focus (1st Abilities) and Frost Blast Passive (Passive) with Auto Attacks to slow the opponent. The catch here is thatAshe has to first stack up stacks, which are consumed by every attack when Ranger Focus is active.

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Ashe is automatic attacks slow enemies and attacks that Ashe makes on targets that he has already damaged do bonus damageaccording to his critical strike rate. Crit chance and crit damage affect how much bonus damage she deals on slower targets.With the additional speed on offense that Ashe builds up with Runes, Abilities, and Items, having that extra critical strikechance increases the frequency at which Ashe is able to do a devastating amount of damage in one hit.

When Ashe is below 30% HP, she gains a shield that helps her to escape from a fight unharmed, while her attack damage is alsoincreased should she not have the option to swing away from a fight. Ranger Focus increases the attack speed and damage ofAshe, making it a dual-wielding steroid, which is frighteningly effective in increasing Ashes DPS. At max focus, Ashe cancast Rangers Focus to drain all Focus stacks, temporarily increasing his attack speed and turning his basic attacks into astrong burst attack for a duration. Lethal Tempo activates a 1.5 second timer after dealing damage to enemy champions,increasing Ashe is attack speed for a brief period.

While an increase in attack damage by 40 is useful, Blades of the Ruined King shines through with her unique abilities, firstand foremost which will cause Ashe to do bonus damage on basic attacks related to the health of an opponent. The ideal itemfor Ashe, Blade of the Ruined King offers not just impressive stat increases, but highly efficient abilities to round outAshes kit. Ashe is all about getting those crucial hits in and getting the damage out quickly, so you will want to grabImmortal Shieldbow as your mythic item since it increases attack speed and damage.

This rune grants Ashe increased Mana regen once you have attacked the opposing champion, which allows you to continuallyharass the opposing champion with your volley. Approaching Velocity will grant Ashe increased movement speed against enemiesAshe has been slower than, helping her chase and take out champions easily.

To play Ashe to its full potential, you will want to play Runes, which will provide more Attack Speed and Mana. Usingprecision runes and an all-damage items build, combined with a marksman style playstyle, Ashe is an easy to play champion inLeague of Legends. A great choice to level in solo queue, in terms of difficulty, Ashe is an easy champion for new players inleague of legends.

When Ashe hits tier 5, you can expect to be engaging her with Enchanted Crystal Arrows (Ultimate) and killing enemy bottomlaners with her support. Enchanted Crystal Arrow turns Ashe into a global threat since she is ultimate allows Ashe to startfights or follow them up. Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ultimate) Ashe launches a Crystal Ice Arrow which stuns the first Championhit, dealing magical damage to all adjacent enemies. Multiple arrows deal physical damage and slow enemies either by critamount or twice Ashes regular slow effects.

Thanks to her passive, her auto-attacks are slower, combined with her W, which fires numerous arrows in a circle, alsoslower, making her enemies harder to get away from.

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Ashe League of Legends The Frost Archer is able to be lethal with the right hands, shredding enemy defences using a barrageof arrows. Ashe does not have the best damage, but is excellent at crowd control and helping your team take out enemies. Ashegains Health every time he gets a Unique Takedown (5 at maximum) Sweet Tooth A great rune to have on hand in case Ashe getslow during lane phase and needs that extra heal, plus it gets you free cash. If you are going to be controlling Ashe isultimate, run this underneath your tower or behind your brush as you may get lost tracking your champ and be vulnerable toganks.

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