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If you are already comfortable playing with Caitlyn, it is a good resource for getting good rune choices for patch 11.20fast. With our guide on Caitlyn, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to usethe abilities of Caitlyn correctly. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Caitlyn, determined fromLeagueSpys calculations from thousands of League of Legends games at +Plat level.

Using precision runes and an all-damage item build, combined with a marksman style playstyle, Caitlyn is an easy to playchampion in League of Legends. To play Caitlyn to her full potential, you will want to pick up Runes that offer additionaldamage while improving her movespeed, particularly the ever-important Fleet Footwork rune. Stormrazor Infinity Edge StatikkShiv Mortal Reminder Rapid Firecannon Gluttonous Greaves-Stasis Caitlyn does very well with built-in damage items that have abit of attack speed and crit chance, which is why the automatic attacks on Caitlyn are capable of doing quite a bit ofdamage.

Every few basic attacks, or on targets that she has trapped or ensnared, Caitlyn fires off a Headshot, dealing bonus damagewhich is multiplied by her critical strike chance. Caitlyn takes the time to set up a perfect hit, dealing huge damage to asingle target over huge distances. If Caitlyn attacks with Brush, Caitlyn builds up her Headshot twice as quickly, so thatshe will only have to attack with Auto-Attack three times, then her next attack is Headshot.

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If Caitlyn hits a Net, she can combine it with Piltover Peacemaker (1st Skill) and Headshot Passive for the highest damage.Piltover Peacemaker (1) is really great when trying to clean/push minions waves, and Caitlyn can attempt to snipe enemychamps simultaneously, as long as her positioning is correct. Both a champion sloucher and pushing the Piltover Sheriff inbackwards, Caitlyns 90 caliber net can combo into an assist speed boost to ensure that it comes out unscathed. As good as theSheriff of Piltover is at 1-shotting enemies, it is better suited for players who would rather fling heads out from a safeposition behind the line.

Kaitlyn has strong early game thanks to her long reach, and she can lock down opponents creeping in with her traps. Caitlynis a powerful marksman with a long ranged attack and a strong DPS, she is very powerful early to late game. Once you get tolate game and you get your main items, that is when Caitlyn is capable of doing lots of damage from range.

Both these items provide attack speed, critical hit chance, and energy passives which all stack together to provide moredamage and range for Caitlyn. These three items combined will provide the necessary critical chance to make sure that you aredealing massive amounts of damage.

If, however, you do not want the burst, consider getting this item over the Berserker Greaves to get extra damage. Attackspeed is extremely valuable, and you should look to get Berserkers before your Mythic items. Even if an opponent does nothave much magical damage, getting a quicksilver band is still worthwhile to clear.

If you are a primary target of the enemy AD champions, and you want some extra survivability and the ability to kite, DeathsDance is ideal. Due to the lifesteal gained by the item, damage-over-time effects are easily countered by hitting enemychampions or minions, making all ADCs seemingly tanky. One of the best ADC items in League of Legends, Deaths Dance grantsyou defensive stats of magical resistance and armor, along with offensive stats in damage dealt by attacks and cooldownreduction. Galerforce is the best ADC Mythic item, as it gives you access to the Dash, which does a decent amount of damageas well.

Boosting attack damage, speed, and chance for crits by a large margin, Galerforce is a staple in Sheriff Piltovers kit, sinceit is synchronized with his ultimate, Ace in the Hole, and headshot-passive. Infinity Edge is probably the best item onKaitlyn, since Infinity Edge gives Kaitlyn lots of attack damage, critical strike chance, and makes her critical hits deal ahigher amount of damage. Caitlyns second ability is best placed at choke points and brushes in the laning phase, but duringmid-to-late game teamfights, randomly position her all over the battlefield to make enemies difficult to move, and if theymove around mindlessly in the fight, they are Rooted, and you get bonus damage to your Rooted targets.

Whenever you can, be sure to abuse this and automatically attack enemies every time they attempt to defend the minion. Enemysuggestion Keep your minion back from your allies if Kaitlyn Runes is pursuing you with Piltover Peacemaker (deals lessdamage on each target after that). Caitlyn always deals full damage to trapped or webbed enemies, so it is important to tryto get a hit with Piltover Peacemaker (1) before headshotting trapped or webbed enemies.

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Another good choice that you can take on tanky champs is Kraken Slayer, allowing you to deal real damage on your every thirdattack. In the rare cases when you are up against an entire Assassins team, you can opt to Bloodthirster as your early item,ensuring you are not dying whenever the Assassins spot you, but you will not have the offensive speed or critical chance asyou would with some other builds.

To prevent running out of mana during critical battles, Lethal Tempo increases the amount of mana regen when you areattacking, which allows you to fully utilize your kit. Since you are not going to be building any health items, ReducedDowntime will be able to activate fairly frequently against tanky champions.

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