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We set out to make our Varus building proposals by selecting all 88054 placed LoL games with him. We calculated the highest winning odds, item constructions, best runes, mythical Varus items and skills, complete item builders, summoning spells, item builder orders, jewelry, and tokens.

In our Varus Guide you will find out which items you build, which runes you choose, and what skills you can use to use Varus abilities. You will also find the best items and runic structures for Varus, as Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games have revealed.

Wild Rift, Varus is considered the animal I choose for Dragon Train AD. Due to his skills and style of play, he is considered an easy champion to play.

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In this post, we will take a look at the best items, structures, runes, spells, and analysis of Varus, including game tips and tricks we've found for you to help you master Varus. Varus Rune Page Summoner Spell builds Varus Season 11 game Varus builds new buffs and stronger standards. Lightning heals are required for summoning spells during the long and combat phases to help Varus increase its survival and deal more damage.

If you are affected by rot, Varus ability deals you additional damage. The automatic attack applies a stack of Corruption to the target and all other abilities and abilities of Varus + 1, triggering Corruption and dealing magical damage to the stack. Varu's other abilities consume this enemy corruption, damage it, and deal magical bonus damage to enemy champions and epic monsters, reducing the cooldown of the basic Varus abilities by 12% and the maximum cooldown of the stacks per target by 36% for each target.

Varus does not attack or play any other abilities while charging, so he deals less damage to the units he hits. By killing minions and jungle monsters that join the battle (bonus attack speed if it happens to be a minion when Passive is activated), Varus can deal a considerable amount of AoE damage. In the late game when Varus gets his core items he becomes even stronger because he can kill entire opposing teams with his attack combos.

If you decide to build physical damage around Varus, most of the Varus damage is done by charging with its arrows. The combination we have already talked about applies to this build as well, as most of the damage will come from Varus auto-attacks. Some Varus structures use the focus on Varus to do damage, but due to its lethargy and insta-busting targets, Varus has a very high damage Q.

This ability is especially useful in late play, where Varus becomes deadly due to high damage and additional attack speed. Brutal and scary poke builds with Varus help in the early game to get the extra damage and hit the minions last when trading with enemy champions.

Varus fires a hail of arrows at a target position and inflicts physical damage on enemies hit on impact. Varus hurls a harmful corrupt tendon that paralyzes the first opposing champion, spreads to uninfected champions, and paralyzes them on contact. Then he hurls the tendrils of corruption in the direction of the target, infects the target, does magic damage, reveals the roots of the target for 2 seconds, and inflicts a full stack of corruption on the target for 1.5 seconds.

In Wild Rift, you can use different items to build varus based on the opposing champion you face and your playing style. If you play Varus as AD / AP shooter, Varus has AP and AD scaling.

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Build Varus confidently with the help of this WildRiftFire construction guide. Learn how to join the wave of Ultimate Guides on Varus, including its best constructions, runes, tips and tricks, and how to master it.

A Charmer in the Ditch, Varus is a Bot Lane shooter who does a lot of damage with the Enchanted Bow, and he uses the power of darkness to send enemies to the well. Once you reach the late game with your core items, Varus can kill entire teams with his sack.

Varus has been one of League of Legends' best meta-picks since season 11, dominating Bot Lane. In the League of Legends Wild Rift, Varus is a shooting champion that can be played in the Dragon Train or as an AD carrier. The cooldown of skills has been somewhat balanced since Varus was a surgical champion, but I love how Wild Rift has given us a more balanced game.

Manamune is a great first item for Varus because you can use all of your abilities at any time because they have a low cooldown and you not only need mana to do it, but you can also stack passive fast upgrades like Manamune and Muramana that can do much more damage in mid and late game to Varus. The rest of his runes give him maintenance and additional damage, so he is not a lone fighter. There is also an interesting unique item on Varus, known as the Arrow of Retribution, which causes a mixture of damage scaled with AD and AP. You can choose this unique setup based on your playing style and the needs of your team.

Varus is an ADC wizard who excels in killing enemies, rooting out the enemy team, dispersing them, and causing DPS and bursting wounds. As a harmful and distributing ability, Varus is useful throughout the game, slowing down the movement of enemy champions and giving them an edge in combat. In percentage terms, the opposing counter-scoring against Varus in the Platt game is shown.

The runes on Varus are the same, no matter which item you choose. If Varus starts the orbit with his E, you will end up maximizing Q and dismembering your enemies.

High mana ADC builds that use Ability haste
HP Recovery
Ability Haste
Late Game Magic Resistance
Late Game Physical Resistance
Extra Range
Gap Close
Force Runes
Force Items
Ban Runes
Ban Items
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