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Aurelion Sol has some of the best looking visuals in the game, and according to Reav3 on his champion roadmap from April2022, Reav3 explained Aurelion Sol is one of the ten best looking visuals in League of Legends, which only goes to show hislack of playing time with the majority of players is not due to his visuals, or even his lore, it is due to his gameplay.Aurelion Sol is one of the more popular designs in League of Legends from a visual standpoint, but Aurelion Sols uncommon kitand unique playstyle means he is one of League of Legends more niche champions. As devs explained on a recent champion roadmap, Aurelion Sols game rate has been terrible over his time, but Champion Surveys has painted Aurelion Sol as one of themost well-rendered characters in the game -- as such, he is kept his model, theme, and narrative, but has been given anentirely new set of mechanics.

Aurelion Sol cannot be turned around once he is established a course, and enemy damage sends Aurelion Sol crashing back downto Earth, rebuilding its orbiting star. Aurelion Sols immense strength was funneled to immortal God-warriors in defense ofRuneterras seemingly unimportant world -- now, yearning to reclaim his cosmic mastery, Aurelion Sol will pull a very star outof the sky, if it has to, in order to restore his freedom. His sheer menace will often frighten opponents in the lanes to thesafety of their own lanes, giving Aurelion Sol the perfect opportunity to cast his Celestial expansions and increase hisCyclic Damage.

The opposing jungler will either need to evade cycling stars, like he does with Starsurge, or otherwise stand stunned,watching empty-handed, while his own snipes successfully at his wings targets. If the enemy team stays together, they dietogether; if they split...well, it rarely works either. Star Forgers stars will keep orbiting it, even as it probes thehidden depths of River Kings digestive system, meaning that everyones favorite catfish-frog-thing can merrily speed its waythrough its own, using Thick Skin to soak up an enemy teams beatings, withering its targets under repeated rounds of Star-based grief.

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The way that League of Legends nerfs work is based around how they are measured against pick rates, since less playersplaying the champion means that win rates are inflated with a single-use.

These types of updates would be done to champions that have either game-breaking issues that cannot be fixed simply bychanging a few abilities, or champions that are playing games that are not living up to the fan-fiction. With more than 150champions in League of Legends, it is not surprising that Riot Games has had to constantly revamp and upgrade oldercharacters. Over the last couple years, the champions team at Riot Games has allowed fans to vote for seven differentchampions, five each year, with a few recurring choices as to which will receive the most complete overhaul. Once all of theincredibly unpolished, pizza-footed champions were removed from League of Legends and replaced with the good looking, modernversions, Riot Games started moving onto the new champions, who have never found real success.

No obviously concrete changes were announced by Rosa or anybody else from the leagues balance team, but the idea of givingpowers like Starsurge (Q) and Celestial Expansion (W) a bit more strength should excite fans of Aurelion Sol. Summoners Riftsresident deity-like stardragon is getting a new suite of abilities in the near future, as Riot Games announced development ofan entire rework to the set. If there is a champion that has fallen completely off Summoners Rifts face in years, it is StarForger and mid laner Titan. With a terrible 0.68% pickrate at, which puts him at 46th of 51 champs, Riot decided togive Aurelion Sol a little love for League of Legends Season 12.

League of Legends developers mentioned the team tried making a few changes to Aurelion Sols playstyle, but quickly realizedthat they would have to rebuild him from scratch in order to give the character the justice it needs. Aurelion Sols narrativeand his visuals are not going to change, but the champions team is going to take his entire existing kit, toss it into thetrash, and build from the ground up to make the cosmic dragon fantasy that we have all been craving. The developers at Leagueof Legends will also work on doing more justice to the dragon persona Aurelion Sol, and will be looking at making his StarForge gameplay a little more spectacular to look at, and more intuitive to play. Riot Games also believes that our newapproach to his star forging gameplay will be both spectacular to see and more intuitive to play, added the studio.

The last items that you need to finish out the Champion Item Build Guide are the Diabolic Embalm or Crystalline Scepter ofRylai. The best Aurelion Sol Season 12 item builds begin with A & Silvermere Dawn Stirring Wardstone Harrowing CrescentRunesteel Spaulder Wings Moonplate Bandleglass Mirror Leering Leer Noonquiver Ironspike Whip Hearthbound Axe HextechAlternator Rageknife Verdant Barrier Hailblade Emberknife Watchful Wardstone Vigilant Wardstone Purchase.

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