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The outer boundary (the maximum distance a star can travel before you activate your 2nd celestial expansion) plays a crucial role in the behavior of your abilities. It is important to learn how to move in such a way that the hit rate of the stars increases. If your stars move counterclockwise, you can move clockwise to increase their hit rate.

Aurelion Sol summons a newborn star that does damage and stuns enemies until it reaches the outer limit and explodes. The star expands during its journey, causing magical damage and stunning for a few seconds based on time travel. You can also re-eject sky expansions and retract stars to increase your speed of movement, which can be helpful in various situations when you run out of air.

You can use this later in the game to harass your enemies by closing your distance and using your basic attacks. You can also use this ability to increase star damage, eliminate minions in your lane, and use the free time to turn the card to your advantage. When you play in the insect species, you beat enemies from your team by using a lightning bolt.

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When Aurelion Sol reaches level 3 you can start looking around the map, but you will want to wait until you reach level 5 to get your Voice of Light final for extra damage and crowd control while you try to kill enemies. If you get to the middle of the game and you have your 3 core items and Aurelions Sol, he will come out and do much slower damage to help your team. In Comet Legends 3, he withdraws his star and takes flight, giving him the ability to see and cross walls for a few seconds.

Wild Rift, Aurelion Sol (Star Forger) is considered an animal pick for the middle lane due to his abilities and playing style. His early game is very weak, but he excels in the middle and late game because of his ability to do a lot of damage during the game. He deals magical damage to his abilities and uses them to eliminate minions and waves, control team battles and crush enemies.

In today's post, we'll look at some of the best item builds and Rune Summoner spell analyses for Aurelion Sol including tips and tricks we've found for you to help you master the Champion. Aurelion's most powerful item, SP, was built to do full damage by professional players to increase the abilities of the summoners, and later it is a combination skill in League of Legends.

S Crystal Sceptre, Rabadon Death Cap, Blank Bar, Infinity Sphere, Mercury Stepping Stasis Aurelion Sols main source of damage is the standstill of its stars in the center of the universe passive. Three small orbiting stars are central to his play: he deals magical damage when he hits, and applies item effects.

The damage from your passivity increases as you upgrade your abilities. If you employ skills, your basic skills, skills and other AoE disabilities are at your disposal. This is so that you can avoid potential damage by coming out of the reach of the stars.

Kleptomancy Rune - This gives you an invaluable triggering ability that can be used to launch a surprise attack on both sides of the track. Rabadon Deathcap - This is a strong item for the ability Power against Middle Lanes as it gives a ton of ability Power. The Void Staff - The Void Staff increases your magical penetration with this boosting your magical damage against champions that build a lot of magic resistances.

Build a variety of champions with 40% turn speed and 10% ability acceleration stats and receive a premium boot item that costs 1,000 gold. Build magical damage masters with 300 + maximum Health, Skills, and Statistics, and you can receive magical items of the highest level that cost 3000 Gold.

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The item you buy varies from game to game depending on the composition of the opposing team. For example, if you're playing an assassin champion like Zed or Akali, it's a good choice to build an item that gives you armor and health.

In the early game, try to operate from a safe distance with your first Q and second W skills. As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. Some champions have skills that can be very annoying in the early game.

The skills of Max Aurelion are described in the graphic below, so make sure you grade your ultimate skills as high as you can. If your end hits the opposing front line and does damage, you have to work on this build. If you have any building tips for challengers, let us know.

He is a powerful magician with the ability to bend stars, fly over terrain and spy enemies with comets and other celestial objects. Aurelion mages are considered the most powerful poker because over time they have the best damage of all mages. If you want a bursting build-up, you need to wake Soul Stealer Infinity Orb, Liandry's Torment or Rylai's Crystal Sceptre.

Aurelion Sol is a great power channeling immortal god and warrior who protects the insignificant world of Runeterra, but with the desire to return to his domination of the cosmos, he drags the stars of the sky with him in order to regain his freedom.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
Ability Haste
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Extra HP
Gap Close
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