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As in season 11, Janna Arcane can send comet effects through her W, which slowly helps her country to send Arcane Comets, and since she has two harmful abilities, Arcane Comet is an excellent DPS booster for a support champion. When you whirl the charging time anew, it triggers a whirlwind that does damage over a range and strikes back for the duration of the charging time, doing magical damage, and throwing enemies in the way.

Janna defends an allied champion in a tower that absorbs damage and grants attack damage as long as it is held in the Eye of the Storm. Janna creates a defensive storm that protects the allied champion from the tower absorbing 90% of damage (up from 80%), increasing attack damage from 10% to 10%. Spills healing to 3 close allies, including Janna.

This passive causes healing and shields allies and other Jannas, so Janna does not have to use her third ability as often as she would if she wanted to get results from it. In addition, Janna has a versatile set that allows you to engage your team by, for example, eliminating the opposing team with your first skill, leaving them vulnerable to attack from your allies.

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Janna is a champion who has helped me a lot to climb the ranks because in most matches she is the most agile, with the highest movement speed in the game, if not the highest, and is easy to understand and play against. I recommend boots with swiftness because 90% of the time they can outdo any single champion in a game, even if they have them passively. Your movement speed is also increased in the Wild Rifts card, which is smaller, so you can roam the middle lane where you will see the best ways to counter ganks from your enemy supporters.

To support her, Janna needs the additional damage and healing statistics from Aery. Janna's second skill slows the champions down, while her first skill sets them back. Their base attacks deal additional magical damage based on a speed bonus.

In the early game, their main focus is to give her enough space in the ADC to manage minions, which she achieves by plucking enemies and defending herself from incoming attacks. Granted, this makes Janna's auto-attack very strong both in the initial phase and in the middle of the game, but it is recommended to boot Janna quickly to make her a strong prop.

This passivity makes Janna unique, because it makes her a sorceress who roams around in the early game. Janna can activate abilities that do damage and slow down the movement speed of the enemies.

Janna's Howl of the Gale benefits from Jinx car attacks and enormous damage. Howl can beat back enemies, making her easier to defeat, and with her second ability she can be the ultimate enemy.

Janna's Howling Gale fights back enemies, making Varus easier to fight with its stabbing arrows and hail of arrows. Draven can do enormous damage with his spider axe ability, and his howlingale gives him more time to use his skills against enemies. Vayne has a lot of damage, and her howling storm makes a huge combo with her fast attack speed, which she can use to topple over and catch enemies.

As one of the most versatile props in the game, Janna can build many different items. These items allow her to have a short cooldown and use mass control and shield items, along with her ability to protect allies. She can also build items with more health and regeneration to give her enough mana and health to support her teammates for longer.

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In our Janna Guide you will learn which items you build, which runes you select and which skills you need to choose to use Janna's skills. There are more items you can build for Janna based on your situation in the game. We have a complete guide on how to build Janna on Aram Run in season 11, so choose carefully and think carefully when choosing your summoning spells.

If you are looking for the best runes for Janna, we have you covered. Find the best items and runes to build Janna, as Leaguespy's calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

In this Janna guide, we will see how Janna's skills work on LoL Wild Rift and how you can use these skills to get yourself in the best shape for the current leaderboard. Janna Builds Guides provides build counters, guides, master runes, skill order combos and pro build statistics for top-jumper, mid, ADC and Support in S11 including win rate, pick rate, ban rate and play rate. In the Season 10 Ultimate Janna guide of League of Legends includes builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones and ranes.

Thanks to this, building a full AP not only enables their abilities to do great damage, but also to increase their shields and healing. Allies and ADC, who insist on overcoming barriers and bringing healing, can help Janna survive and keep others alive.

Wild Rift, Janna is a supporter who plays ADC as Dragon Lane. Janna in Wild Rift has great magical powers, focuses on supporting teammates and has many useful skills.

So I'll give you a full Wild Rift Guide for Janna Champions to help you climb the ranks a little faster. Clan of Legends 119 Janna Las Aram Build Guide: Best items, Mythic items, Rune build order, Starting Items, Summoners, Boots, Trinkets and Counter League of Legends Premiere Janna Strategy and Build Tools.

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