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In the early game, you can beat the enemy with Hymn of Valor (first ability), you can heal your AD carriers with Aria of Stamina (second ability) and if they have little HP, you can survive long enough to stay on the track. You must learn to master their skill 1 to defeat enemy champions, your skill 2 to play and skill 3 to strengthen allies.

Sona builds auxiliary items to increase her AP, healing and thyroid strength. The stronger the game gets, the better it gets and its shield and healing will get better with more items. The Archangel's staff, the staff of the water flow, the glowing censor, the harmonious echo, Athena of the unholy Grail, the Ionic boots, the redeemed lucidity are all Sona's supporting objects that give her healing and more power.

Sona's crescendo slows down enemies and makes it easier for her to defend herself against them, and her second ability, Sona's Song of Celerity, speeds up her basic attacks. When 3 spells are cast, Sona deals additional magic damage on the next attack in addition to additional effects based on the song she last activated. If there are 3 basic abilities, Sona's next attack deals an additional 20 magic damage (AP) and bonus effects based on the song.

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In Summoners Rift, Sona is a support magician who shields and speeds up teammates in a pinch. It can play its ultimate chord of bafflement to enemy champions, force them to dance, and inflict magical damage on them. Sona and Maven's strings enchant support with powerful boost capabilities that can affect the entire team, and an ultimate that makes enemies stop to listen to their melody.

Sona's abilities are intended to help strengthen surrounding allies, provide them with protection and movement, and do little damage. In the early game, improved runes increase your mana, enabling them to spam their abilities in the following phases of the game. Sona's ability to poke, keep a good distance and keep her allies in full health sets her apart from many champions.

In Wild Rift, Sona builds her full physique with increased ability, armor, and magical resistance so she can do magical damage and support her teammates. This is especially great for her ability Aria Perseverance 2nd, as she has one sphere of action and heals several allies. When you play as a fighter, you need armor to reduce their attack speed, and Sona's Full Build is a great item to have when you need it.

This ability grants a passive reduction of the base cooldown of Sona's basic abilities. Draven - Draven does enormous damage with his spider axe ability, and Sona's crescendo gives him more time to use his skills against enemies. Ezreal - Ezreal has high damage and high attack speed, so Sonas crescendos gives her more time to eliminate enemies.

For those of you who don't know, Sona has gained 10%, 25%, and 40% CDR, not only by switching to CDR in the revision of its basic capabilities, but also by stacking CDR items (for example, at level 16 it has 45 CDR, which is 67% more effective CDR for its basic capabilities, and that's not even with a low URF, let alone sitting on the sink).

In League of Legends Wild Rift, Sona is a prop who plays as ADC in Dragonalley. We have already found out that Sona is well suited to play in the Dragon Train as a support.

In this Sona guide, we will see how Sona's skills work in LoL Wild Rift and how you can use these skills to get yourself in the best shape for the current leaderboard. In our Sona Guides, you will learn which items to build, which runes to select, and what skills to select in each skill to use Sona abilities. This section also explains what skills Sona can build.

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If you are looking for the best runic structures for Sona, we have you covered. Learn all about Sona skills in detail, the best item to build depending on skill, and more. If you are at master level 7 have never played Sona or just want to try it out, we have the ultimate guide to mastering Maven string so you know everything about it, including the best rune builders.

In this guide we take a closer look at the best Runes and Wizards, including tips and tricks to help you win on Sona in LoL Wild Rift. In season 11, Sona builds runes to help you deal with magical damage, but you can also focus on building auxiliary items to help you carry your lower alley with shield, healing, and shell. Where to find the best items and runic structures for Sona has been determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of Plat League of Legends games.

With the great buffs made by Riot Games in Spellthiefs Edge patch 1.01.5, players will find new ways for Sona to reunite with her partner Lux, a mage with some of the best track control skills. With runes, Lux can select a Guardian rune that decides to cover a teammate, while Sona can go ahead and summon aerodynamic support in the best way.

With the latest nerf Sona received from her and Lux in 1.01.7, her basic skills became nervous. A higher proportion of their identity as Lategame monsters makes this variant less bullsh * t to play in the Lategames with more AoE Shield and 4s Cooldown to justify aggressive builds, and I think their Enchanter variant can stay alive long enough to complain. Considering that the mechanic who hates Sona's main existence is hated by more than half of the disgruntled 5% of Sona midlane players out there, his effect on Sona support is the nerves for non-tear-based builds.

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