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The community has worked hard to keep its LoL building instructions up to date to help you create the best Nami building instructions for the S11 meta. Find Nami Build Counter, Guides, Master Runes, Skill Order Combos, Pro Build Statistics and Top Jungle, Mid and ADC support for S10. Proguide Learn the best 6-hour Proguide that shows the details of Nami supported builds for Patch 1.11.81.

We calculated the highest odds of winning on items made with the best runes, mythical Nami item and skill orders, complete item constructions, launch items, summoning spells, item orders, boots, and jewelry counters. The highest win rate for each item, the best rune, mythical Namis items, skill sequence, full value items, starting item, summoning spell and object build sequence, boots, and jewelry and tokens.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Nami, we have you covered. In our Nami tutorial you will learn all about items, runes and the selection of skills to use Nami skills. You will also find the best object and runes to build Nami, as calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

Nami Splash

Nami, the Tidal Caller, is an enchanting prop that harnesses the power of the oceans to steal the health of its enemies for itself and its allies, and an ultimate one that lets huge waves roll over its enemies. By bending the ocean her way, Nami is an easy-to-use prop that makes her an animal pick depending on the team composition.

In this Nami Guide, we will see how their skills work in LoL Wild Rift and how to use that skill to get yourself in the best shape for the current leaderboard. When an allied champion touches Nami, she receives 60% movement speed and 60 / 20 magic damage for 15 seconds. If they meet an ally, they gain speed of movement for a short time.

Nami emits a great wave of damage that strikes back and slows down enemies it hits. Nami is muddy, so if you are attacked by the other side, you must become unassailable so that you can reappear in seconds. It is fine in the early game when you poke at enemies, but there is an ebb and flow with the second ability, as enemies bounce back at you and heal you at the same time.

Namis basic attacks do no harm, so it will be difficult for you to get items. This combo takes full advantage of Namis Skill 3 Boost and Auto Attacks, with each being buffered by the combo. Ashe and Namis Tidecaller Blessing cause more damage and benefit from Ashes car attacks.

Nami's healing is becoming stronger and you can do more to keep your team alive with Nami's Tidal Wave Ultimate and its other ability to lock up enemies. Vayne has a lot of damage, but Nami's tidecaller Blessing does more damage and Vayne's fast attack speed. Namis can beat back enemies, making Varus easier to fight with its stabbing arrows and hail of arrows.

The glowing censor staff, water flow, harmonious echo, Athena of the unholy Grail, protector of the Ionic Boots and lucidity are all Nami aids that give her even more power. The best Nami runes are a primary path and a secondary path. They support witchcraft primarily and inspiration secondary.

Nami is an enchanter who uses her skills to control the flow of battle. To be honest, it's not the best support because it's muddy and can be attacked in the jungle. Nami, however, is able to heal and strengthen the attacks of champions.

Nami Splash 2

The stronger Nami gets as the game progresses, the stronger her shields and heals become with more items. Depending on the body type, it can reach 200 AP with three or four objects. Regeneration effects enable them to apply their healing abilities to their allies as well as to themselves.

If you want to loosen up and have a bit of fun, this build will maximize the damage Nami can do to you. This is a complete Nami build-up that will work well against enemies such as archers and tanks.

This season 10 League of Legends Ultimate Nami Guide contains builds, combos, counters, synergies, keystones and runes. Learn all about Nami's abilities, details of the best items to build, skills, and more. These builds give you the chance to discover the whole other side of Nami and play a different kind of League of Legends.

Nami is one of the most popular characters you can use on your team in TFT. She is the next champion that Wild Rift will cover in their Wild Rift Guides series. We have already established that Nami is a support that is best suited to play in the Dragon Train.

Support in League of Legends is often considered harmless, and so is Nami. Using a prop instead of a centre track in the game is the boldest and silliest thing Nami can do. In League of Legends Wild Rift, Nami is a prop playing in the Dragon Train as an ADC.

Draven and Draven do tremendous damage with their spinning axe skills, and Nami's tidal wave gives them more time to orient themselves and defeat enemies. Challenger Wakanari "Expert" Nami is considered by many to be the best world champion, and you can stream it on Twitch. Using magic runes as an aid, combined with an enchanting style of play, Nami runes are 1119 of the most difficult games to play as Champion in League of Legends.

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