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This combination is especially useful in team combat, where enemies do not pay attention to the ground at their feet, as they are prone to Soraka's silence and roots.

Astral infusion is a cure with a goal that consumes up to ten percent of the Sorakas max HP for its cost. It grants the desired rejuvenation as long as Soraka is affected by it. The great thing about this build is that its low cooldown means you can heal allies a lot.

When Soraka's rejuvenation ally wins rejuvenation for 4 seconds. Enemy champions struck by Soraka receive rejuvenation and heal 8 / 8 / 5% of magic damage for 4 seconds. When hitting enemy champions, Soraka receives a rejuvenation of 8 / 8 / 5 AP for 4 seconds. Enemy champions hit by Soraka will receive the rejuvenation healing for 8 / 9 / 8% of AP and + 5% magic damage during this period.

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With Manaflow Band, Sorakas with their starcall (first ability) and Equinox (3rd ability) mostly hitting on, it is easy to stack runes and gain more mana, which helps as the game progresses. When Starcall meets an enemy, Soraka gains rejuvenation healing, and she empowers herself with a second astral infusion. It's brutal, but Soraka gets a boost for her early game, which makes her a little stronger.

Soraka can be a powerful ally in the struggle and use her strong healing to keep the party moving. She can sacrifice some of her own health to heal friendly champions. This allows her to move with allies who need healing and support.

The further the game goes, the stronger Soraka becomes, thanks to her healings, with more items. Soraka's third ability, Equinox, is an opportunity to mobilize an enemy in his zone for a period of time, and your team can follow suit by dealing 5% more damage.

Soraka is a supporter who seeks to heal allies at the expense of her own. In the late game, after she has bought the necessary items, Soraka will be able to spread her abilities without any health loss, but by far not. Considering that the enemy needs an investment of 800 gold to counteract it, it is strong because it strengthens healing, not its ultimate.

Soraka is the best pure healer in the game and keeps her allies alive without sacrificing herself for the greater good. Even so, once you master your set, Soraka is one of the most powerful endgame support there is. In Summoner's Rift, she lives the fantasy of a superstar wizard who heals her allies and supporters.

Soraka is not a traditional roaming supporter, as she is stingy and a preferred destination for hostile jungles. Instead of focusing on attacking himself, Soraka will venture to the front to heal her allies.

Soraka wants to stay close to her allies and enemies, just like Alistar. It can heal and cut, but healing is a good antidote to Soraka. When he notices that he's not there, Soraka will come in and heal Draven until the enemy thinks he's rid of the threat.

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Once you land on the enemy with your Q, use your W to heal your ADC. The more you can land your q on an enemy, the more often you can use it on your W.

Remember that most teams take the first dragon to win, so Sorakas can help you a lot. For a champion who can separate the enemy from his team and has a lot of control over the audience, this is bad news for Soraka. Soraka can save a team from a fight when the entire team is in danger.

Soraka achieves 70% movement speed when moving with an allied champion with 35% health. It also increases the speed of movement while moving with low HP allies, and it has a wide AoE. Now that we have established that Soraka is a prop, she is well suited to play in the Dragon Train.

According to her legend, Soraka's main purpose in the game is to protect her teammates as much as possible and to support her as much as possible. Life source is her nuclear rune, and she gives her team maximum healing. If you want to play a supporter who breaks all ins in her team with her ability 3, keeps allies alive for free and offers lots of benefits, I highly recommend Soraka.

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