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If you want to pick up Lulu, in this guide we have everything you need to know about her, including the best runic structures. Lulu is a minor character you will find in Dragonalley.

Lulu is not a hard fighter to master, as the Fae sorceress knows how to use her abilities for both allies and enemies. Once you get a feel for them, make the right decisions about whether to protect allies or confuse the enemy, and you will go a long way to achieve many victories with them. In this Lulu guide, let's see what her skills are in LoL and Wild Rift, and how you can use those skills to get the most out of her.

Lulu is one of the best enchanters in the game and offers a wealth of utilities and jacks of all trades that other reels cannot match. Their toolbox offers an offensive and defensive style of play that can be shifted from game to game. Healing and crowd control, mixed with their steady damage, make them a viable champ to build a team around or one to build as a carry.

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Learn how to acquire items, build runes, and select skills to use Lulu's abilities in our Lulu Guides. Whether you are a first-time participant or someone grinding for 7 badges, we have the ultimate guide for mastering Lulu, including the best build tools, runes, tips and tricks. Build Lulu with the help of the Build Guide.

This page is a comprehensive guide to the best Lulu buildings in League of Legends. WildRiftFire is here to help you take your Wild Rift game to the next level if you re new to Lulu or want to refine your style of play. In this guide we will take a look at some of the best runes and wizards, including tips and tricks that will help you win Wild Rift on League of Legends with Lulu.

If you're looking for the best runes for Lulu, we have the answer for you. We will talk about runic items and summoning spells that have the highest odds of winning for the champion. You will find the best items and runes to build Lulu, as Leaguespy's calculations have shown from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

Here we will talk about the best Aram builds for Lulu based on the highest Elo played on the server. The best Lulu rune position is the primary path and A is the secondary path.

Lulu has many abilities that calm down enemies in your team, allowing you to deal 5% more damage to the enemy. These skills can be used against multiple enemies if you master Lulu.

Lulu is fine in the early game when you can use Pix (3rd ability) to track down enemies with Glitterlance (1st ability). Pix attacks with three magic bolts, and Lulu and allies with Pix can attack automatically. When Pix attacks an enemy, Lulu attacks the enemy and it is almost impossible to avoid or block him.

If you have enough skill with Lulu, you can beat two or more enemies at the same time instead of just the other. Lulu is also helpful in dragon attacks and limiting enemies with its polymorphic abilities and ability to increase abilities. When Lulu and Pix launch a penetrating bolt, you can control where the bolt goes and manipulate who you target with it.

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After all, keeping enemies away from Lulu to build them up to get the full reward of Rageblade is a must. At the moment, the best way to improve Lulu's abilities is to maximize your E, as it not only improves shields, but also increases damage.

The stronger Lulu gets, the stronger her shield and healing becomes with more items. As your shield gets stronger, you can do a lot more to keep your team alive. Lulu's ultimate can heal allies as well as fight back enemies and allies.

Late in the game, Lulu can support your team with amazing crowd control skills. As a Ditch Summoner, she can use her magic to weaken allies with shields and healings, turn enemies into harmless forest creatures or cake pillars. As a class demon, Glacier Stun prevents enemies from using her abilities, and building Lulu enables her to prevent her allies from doing immense damage.

Stay on your guard and only play Lulu early in the game if you haven't unlocked your skills or have the patience to play around them. Aery is a must for Lulu as it can damage enemies and protect allies. This is why you should Summon Aery instead of Lulu.

As the name suggests, this setup focuses on making Lulu the primary damage dealer in the army, with an increased rate of fire and items. Wild growth enlarges allies and Lulu himself, knocks back enemies and throws.

The most important element in the Aram built for Lulu is the Chempunk rot. This article is the best way to counter the support, and we recommend you build it for them.

When an enemy deals damage to Lulu with Pix, he takes 25% bonus damage for the duration of the slow upgrade. We've talked a lot about why hurrying items in Lulu is important, so check this box in your Lulu Runic and forget about the rest.

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