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Milio Build is a great resource for League of Legends players looking to get the most out of their champion. With Patch 13, Milio Build offers a wide selection of runes and attack range marksmen to ensure maximum utility. Enchanter support and Legends Milio are two of the friendly support options available for players looking for good rune selection as well as attack range marksmen. All in all, Milio Build is an excellent choice for League of Legends players who want to get the most out of their champion and maximize their effectiveness in battle. With its friendly support and great selection of runes, it’s easy to see why Milio Build is one of the top choices when it comes to playing League of Legends at a high level.This new enchanter, who goes by the name of Milio, has made quite a name for himself in the game. He is known for his healing flame which can keep his team alive in any situation. Legends Milio has also proven himself to be an incredible support champion and with the potential runes that he can use, he can easily provide his team with all sorts of advantages. Milio Build is also looking ahead to March League of Legends games and they are offering their full support behind him.Milio Build is one of the most versatile champions in the game and has unique fire magic crowd control effects. With Milio Build, you can use anytime milio deals to burn your enemies while gaining bonus abilities for your teammates. His spells are sure to keep any opposing team on their toes as his powerful attacks, burns and crowd control effects can really help an ally team out in a pinch. With Milio Build's wide variety of abilities there's no doubt that he will be a powerful weapon when it comes to competitive play.His attack range is huge, allowing him to take down enemies from a distance with ease. His crowd control effects can be used to help his allies by freezing enemies in place or dealing area of effect damage. Additionally, he has additional burst potential with his next attack being able to deal extra damage and flames that will burn any enemy caught in them.Milio Build is an excellent build for players who want to engage hard and be able to survive incoming damage. It provides a massive cleanse that can keep your allies alive and allow them to dish out more damage without having to worry about being stunned or knocked back. It also gives you a strong third item choice with the crucial ability haste which will give Milio extra range on his abilities, as well as being able to use Redemption in clutch situations. Common second items are Righteous Glory, Frozen Heart, or Iceborn Gauntlet, all of which provide additional utility for teamfights and survivability for Milio himself. All of these items combined make it so that no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll be ready for it with Milio Build!Milio Build is an amazing tool for players of Legends games, and it helps to make sure you’re making the right item choices. It helps to guide you in choosing the best items for your champions and provides calculations on how they will affect your stats. It also gives you suggestions on defensive items that can be used to protect yourself or your team in any league. You can even use Milio Build to support other players by sharing runes, builds, and stat recommendations with them. With all of these features, Milio Build is the perfect tool for helping players make the most out of their gaming experience!Enchanter support and a great entry point for both beginner players and enchanter connoisseurs, Milio Build is the popular choice for newer players. As the newest league in the Legends Champion Series, it offers a unique opportunity to become a champion milio player. Players can use Milio Build's comprehensive guide to help them understand how to play their best and be crowned as a champion milio player. It also provides great advice for veteran players looking for an edge in competition, making it the perfect tool for everyone from beginner players to professional gamers alike. It is truly one of the best ways to get into competitive gaming with its easy-to-use interface and helpful tutorials that make it a great entry point into gaming at any level!Milio Build is a great choice for those looking to get into League of Legends with its setup that includes Transcendence, Great Enchanter, Milios Healing, Ardent Censer and Common Rune Setup. This setup provides a great attack range and simple kit to help you on your way. In addition, the ability haste offered by this build is great for any AD Carry trying to maximize their damage output. With runes like Sorcery included in the build, it's easy to customize your playstyle and make sure that you're playing with optimal performance!The main reason for playing with Milio is to take advantage of the extra shields, enchanter support, Aerys ability and poke abilities. By taking the Aery keystone, you're able to summon Aerys and use her defensive abilities while your allies benefit from her healing and shielding. In addition, Milios poke can also be used as a great way to harass enemies while keeping yourself safe. With these specs in mind, it's easy to see why Milio is so popular in competitive play!Milio Build is a combination of best milio support, best buddies, and milio support runes 13. It's designed to give pro gamers an advantage in the mid game by allowing them to have a high attack range and gentle flame. The primary path of Milio Build is its abilities, which can easily be augmented with spells and runes.Summoners can benefit from the Spellthief's Edge and use it to gain an edge in ranked matches. Stealth Ward is also a great way to get an early game advantage. Additionally, Milio Build offers a unique path for players looking for something different with its Platinum Flame build. This includes gentle flame, starter items such as health potion, and spells that can help you outlast your opponents in ranked matches. The win rate of this build is impressive as it allows players to reach higher levels of play without necessarily having the best gear or runes.

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