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With precision runes and unique object constructions combined with a special style of play, Azir constructions are 11.19% of the hardest to play champions in League of Legends. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for azir, mythical items, skill sequence and complete item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry and tokens. How to Build Azir Season 11 Guide Mid Rune Page Azir is a powerful item builder that deals full damage to professional players to enhance the caster's abilities, complement skill combos, and bring him into the game's late counterplay.

In Korea, players like SKT's Easyhoon, known for his Azir Cassiopeia games, and his favorite builds are very close to the classic Orianna builds, where Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff are his mana items. The construction of these buildings allows for maximum damage to Azirs Q, E and R, and checks are carried out in situations where the Void Staff precedes the death cap build. Azir was built by Athene Nashor and has a 40% CDR Mana Rain and an ATK speed.

Azir builds have a win rate of 11.19%, a poor pick rate of 46.17%, a high ban rate of 17.2% and a low one of 0.3%. When Azir summons a sand soldier to attack a nearby target, he replaces his base attack with a target within the range of sand soldiers. When he meets an enemy champion, he is ready with a new sand soldier, and the action is stopped by a shot.

Azir Splash

Poke-heavy and sustained damage are the two most common structures for Azir. Now it's time to show the first Azir build that focuses on the aforementioned poke-heavy playing style. First, Azir storms a wall of soldiers, knocks back enemies when they are hit, and does magical damage to them.

This setup is superior to enemies overall, because Azir is slower and harder to hit with attacks. Its base 0.6% + 80% bonus attack speed (scaling other than Ash base attack speed of 0.658%, which is + 80% attack speed bonus) and the fact that all three Sand Soldiers attack with an ability that has a + 0.9% base damage power ratio also mean a ton of damage. It also has a shield that can be used to move sand so that it can not only hit enemy champions.

It takes a little longer to reach the CDR cap, but this setup gives you team fighting presence and approaches my above point of building Nashor and Teeth for Azir. It's slow and Azir is weak in the early game, but I have a feeling that if you choose this build, you can easily teleport from one dirt road to the next. Azir can bully with sand soldiers, and he can go into battle.

Azir has changed in patch 7.19, and this build is a new and better bird. Azirs Passive, the will of the emperor, has been converted to 1 CDR and 15% attack speed. He is different enough to manage him early in the game but can be a challenge for his regular car attacks.

Azir skills are hard to get used to and players take a long time to master the combination. Besides, Azir is maneuverable and objects do not solve this problem. The best azir runes are position range, primary path, and secondary path.

I have not been able to play Azir since it came out, but I have read the guide and some information about him. Doran's Ring and Health Potion are two entry-level items players will be happy to use with Azir. First, Azir allows free hits on target damage.

The nerves of Azirs Conquering Sands are the most significant of his changes. Emperor's Divide cooldown has been broadly reduced, and Azirs Wall has added one Soldier per level, increasing the ability to seven Soldiers per level (down from 16). Azir can now Summon the Disc of the Sun to ruin allied and enemy towers.

Azir Splash 2

For months and years, people have been complaining about Azir for one reason or another, and he is finally seen as a miniature revision. I'm starting to think he's worse than Skarner, which is bad enough in my book. Playing Azir is great, but the change is that you are no longer in a permanent state of bouncing off the walls.

A giant statue of Shurima, the early ruler of the ancestors of Azirs, will watch over the progress of Azirs. The walls of Azirs will no longer prevent movement with spells, but they will persist and nudge the player when they slide.

Try to position your soldiers in the train between the enemy minions and the enemy champion. As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent.

If you want to build a game on your game, remember that playing against them is very complex. However, given the number of games in our record, we are confident that we will be able to implement our provided builds.

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