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Welcome to a statistical singed build guide for Top Lane 1.12.0. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for sung, mythical items, skill orders, full item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item build orders, jewelry and tokens. If you are looking for the best runic structures for scorched people, we have the right answer for you. Below are the best items and runes against Singed based on calculations from thousands of Plate and League of Legends games.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the best runes and wizards, including tips and tricks that will help you win in Singed. Learn more about sung skills, details about the best items, skills and more. Check out the Best Singed Builds Guide for Season 3 Patch 2.4.c (Wild Rift) to learn what items you can build with Runes and how to choose skills to use Singed's abilities.

When Singed is pressed with this ability, he releases poison gas out of his way and deals 20, 30, 40, and 50% magic damage to enemies per second. Singed can survive the early game by farming his core items, but he can also run around and do great damage to huge armored teams. When Singed is in a group fight, he can wear the game as a big tank at the front for the team, and if necessary, he can throw the enemy at your team with a slingshot or 3rd ability.

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As mentioned above, when throwing Singing and Mega Glue at an enemy, the player can root the opposing champion for 1 / 125 / 15 / 175 for 2 seconds. When sung, the enemy is thrown over his shoulder in the given direction, causing 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 magic damage and 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 of the maximum health of the enemy.

This item features a unique Passive that helps singing deal magical damage to slowed and stunned enemies. Side-by-side singing empowered attacks slow down enemies by 20% for a second. Flying requires the singing players to stay close enough to the opponent's health that it is not scary to be close to them.

SINGING Singing is one of the few champions who can build proxy towers, and the only champion to hold proxy positions at level 1. By proxy, applying pressure, making the opposing laners tilt and getting them to hold on to their own turret, you can maintain a perfect CS with a good singing strategy.

Singed's proxy strategy is best suited to players who know how to play the champion and what to do with it. Indeed, considering that the substitute Singe can only win if his track dies ten times in the early game. If he misuses his ability 3 and digs into the wrong enemy, it can cost the whole team or the opposing team an ace.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptre remains one of the best items for proxy singing. Last Stand Rune doesn't work for all champions, but Singed excels at it. All these well-known front-line solo tanks can survive and do a lot of magic damage while hunting and reflecting in a Glorious Singled Building - Torment of Liandry, Rylai's Crystal Sceptre, Dead Man Plate, Force of Nature - Morello, Nomicon Boots, Swiftness and Glorious Singed are all well-known front-line solo tanks.

Singing is a magical melee hero item based on damage that helps Singed deal an additional 2 damage per second (capped at 10). His unique passive provides Singed with a 75% armor and inflicts a painful wound on the enemy.

Wild Rift in League of Legends is an item that increases magical damage, magical penetration, health and movement speed for your warrior or mage team. He also gains speed of movement by passing nearby champions, allies and enemies. In the game he is a tank master who plays in the Baronengasse.

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SINGED Q Poison Trail is the main way chanted players can damage enemy champions. By leaving a trace of poison, Singed deals damage to enemies in his path. Self-healing through the taste of the sung blood rune.

Sed is especially good against cooking, as it can poison and annoy him in the early game. Nasus can bypass Singed and try to stack Siphon Strike to slow down the enemy wilting. Fiora has the highest damage of any fighter, so any champion can harass Singed with her and her lungs and hurl her riposte at her.

I prefer to build Singed tanky, so the players can't judge if they can do as much damage with Singed as they did earlier in the game. In my opinion, the safest structure is clunky enough to continue to form troll teams, and below is a full breakdown of the runes used by Singed. Singed's best bet is to poison trail players with a physique that has movement speed to ensure they can move quickly.

While we focus on how the proxy singing strategy can be implemented in the game, you should consider its strengths and weaknesses before trying them out. The bold-printed items are essential purchases that you should pick up the most if not all of your games are singed. The first thing to look out for in a proxy game is to find out if the enemy jungle starts with blue or red buffs.

Each champion uses his unique ability to manage Minion waves, and to paraphrase a League of Legends player: singing is one thing. In an effort to prevent their favorite Challenger Singed from letting their teammates die, they are developing a broken construction that will carry the darkest Minishbait1 viewers over to Challenger.

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