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It is an easy match for a high-mobility champion like Nidalee. As for her, she has a level 3 power spike when she's finished building her jungle items, and melee fights are almost impossible to win.

If you hit his mocking abilities, Nidalee will be pushed back, but at the same time kill with a skill combination. If he kills them with a few skill combos, it's a very difficult match. If they have an advantage in an early 1-1 situation, try to increase the gap in the early game.

Nidalee has a chance to win this match, but don't forget two tips. He is the favorite to boot them out of the Wizards' shoes because he knows exactly what's going on with Mercury's running boards and the opposing team has a lot of control over the crowd. If she gets these two tips, she can become a 1: 1 powerhouse against Hecarim.

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In the current meta, Nidalee is one of the strongest jungle winners in the League of Legends due to her super fast camp, high mobility and good snowball potential. Items like Lich Bane give her bonus power, mana, and speed of movement - all things she needs to cross alleyways and enter enemy jungles. Runic Echo also gives her good bonus abilities, power, movement and speed.

If you hit the selected Nidalee and land the right items, you can finish in the top four. If you choose another division, the best Nidalees builds will conquer this division in the meta game. With a team combat tactic of 4.5 out of three stars, Nidalea has become one of the strongest carriers in the game.

This page will discover the best items and runic structures for Nidalee determined by calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. How to build Nidalee's Season 11 Guide to Jungle Rune Page Nidalea hits a powerful solo item SP-Build with full AP and magical damage against professional players to increase the ability of the summoners and acquire the latest Nidalese combination abilities in League of Legends.

After the release of patch 1.13, Nidalee has become an S-Tier champion in team combat tactics. In less than 24 hours after the patch, it is clear that a three-star champion like Nidalee will take over the meta. We see them on both sides of 2-4 games, but we also see 2v1 and 2v0 situations, which makes it difficult to judge the jungle and its path.

In human form, Nidalee hurls a spear with spikes at her target, causing damage in flight. After 4 seconds, it reaches a movement speed of 10%, which can be increased to 30% when chasing a target, and it can take a takedown or pounce to upgrade the champion or monster. This time, she (League of Legends, LoL) gained 10% of movement speed and 30% while chasing targets for her first takedown, and a push that can improve the target she chased.

Secondary runes such as Nimbus, Cloaked and Transcendence further enhance the usefulness of Nidalees. Lich Bane not only gives Nidalee more AP, but also offers her enormous burst potential when she uses her Q for cougar-shaped takedowns. Rabadon's Death Cap gives her a strong Q for javelin throwing, and her other abilities scale with the ability Power.

Electrocute helps to damage enemies with Spica in advance, but I prefer Dark Harvest as it allows Nidalee to play snowball. With Bushwhack you can place traps on the ground to reset visibility, and combo falls to help Nidalees hunt down enemies.

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This page contains the Champion and Character Strategy Guide for Nidalee in the League of Legends (LoL), including stats, skills and abilities. Instead of building runes that help you do magical damage, in season 11 you should focus on building unique item sets and gear to maximize the abilities and equipment of the champions.

Her takedown does extreme damage and chases targets that are close enough for her to use. Bushwhack Pounning in human form, Nidalee sets a trap for careless opponents and jumps forward to do damage before revealing his target. Second, her burst potential is very high early in the game, as she has two abilities that can erase her goals.

Mingyi "Spica" Lu categorizes Nidalee as a snowball-heavy champion who uses dominance as her primary rune type. The best Nidalee runes are Jungle Domination (primary) and Witchcraft (secondary).

Skirmish Sabre gives Nidalee good Dueling abilities, as its active ability reduces the attack damage of enemy champions when they attack or beat a champion, causing real damage. Lich Bane grants her more attack damage if she plays this ability.

Spica paired well with her dominance rune to accelerate her early game. Spellcasting of a summon gives the ability to pass units and offers a bonus of 5-35% speed based on the spell cooldown of the summoners for 2 seconds.

When a champion is chilled, Smite deals 20% (156% base level) of real damage and steals 20% of his speed for 2 seconds. Do real damage to targets (epic, large and medium monsters, enemies, minions and pets).

This damage is new to champions and extends the duration of the train speed bonus. The recommended construction path for Nidalee is to build Lich Bane first, complete with your jungle items. When you reach three stars with her and Cook VI, you will want to start with a slower level and add an additional warlord.

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This comp is slightly different, but the enumeration for Nidalee remains the same. She lets three Star Spears and Shojin appear as her primary items, with damage items in the other two slots. Considering that she sends her Q with javelin throw and discards some of her mana, this is a good item advantage.

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