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Below you can find the best items and runes to create Zilean, as calculated by LoLSolved's from thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. We've calculated the item build with the highest win rate, the best runes for Zilean, mythic items, skill order, whole item build, starter items, summoner spells, order items, amulets, and tokens. Using witchcraft runes and unique item builds combined with the specialist's playstyle, this is a relatively difficult champion to play League of Legends. Zilean * MetaJunkies Support Creation Guide 7 Hours Ago Zilean Maintains teammate and pair statistics including win and play rates for all champions anywhere in the game.

Zilean Build / Runes / League of Legends Match 4 hours ago Zilean Build-Items / Runes / Matches-League of Legends. Zilean Build Guide, Support Runes, 11.22 Items, LoL ... 1 hour ago Welcome to the statistics of LoLSolved Zilean Build Guide, 11.22 support. Zilean * MetaJunkies support creation guide 3 hours ago We purchased Zilean merchandise in the store for the first time and filtered the purchase group to match.

If you are looking for the most suitable rune construction for Zilean, we have provided you with a guarantee. Champions like Zilean Build Guides Patch 11.21 League are now Zilean Support Build (Patch 11.21) Q Support Build. Get a complete classification of decks, including deck list, size, mana curve, card rarity, and which regions and champion combinations are most suitable for Zilean decks.

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Bjergsen has a fairly standard Zilean build that he uses when using this champion. Morellonomicon - Like its Mid Lane build, Morellonomicon gives heavy wounds on Zilean (Q) time bombs: enemies with low health will prevent healing for a couple of seconds. We'll cover some of his items in this Zilean guide, referencing his previous championship games.

This page contains a guide to champion character strategy for Zilean, including stats, skills, abilities, runes, tough countermeasures. Zilean's best runes to support are Affliction as primary and Inspiration as secondary. It's time to learn how this champion works with this Zile guide.

Zilean Probuilds - How the best professionals collect Zilean lolvvv 8 hours ago 0.1%. At levels 1-3, Zileans harassing (spamming your (Q) time bomb and (W) rewind to hold both AD Carry and other team support) can provide a clear advantage to your AD Carry. This deck uses Zilean as another control tool thanks to his defensive stats, but it's mostly time bomb cards that he generates, and his leveling up is a big bonus. Potion of Corruption - Zilean is an incredibly hungry champion as he spends most of his time spamming Time Bomb and Rewind in CS or chasing enemy champions.

Using his powers in an attempt to save his people from the Void, he now travels through the past, present and future, distorting and distorting the flow of time around him. When used by a lane player who knows the champion well, Zilean can put you ahead of your lane opponent thanks to its passive ability. While most of these items are already on the Zilean Store's Recommended Sample List, it is still useful to know why these items are selected and what situations are right for your selection in order to pick these items best and why you should buy them. The best Zilean Runes in the area are the primary path and the secondary path.

I can recommend this deck as it is one of the funniest versions of the SI control; it is also quite workable, and at the moment I find it the most consistent way of using Zilean.

Wand of Ages - After building the Catalyst of Aeons, the Wand of Ages gives Zilean a little more mana and better survivability in combat. When Time in a Bottle has accumulated enough experience, Zilean can select an allied champion to level up. Most of Zilean's abilities focus on utility, with only (Q) Time Bomb dealing damage.

The time bomb is the main and almost the only source of Zil's damage, so use it effectively. Plunder Zilean tries to take advantage of the fact that time bombs detonate at the start of the round, allowing you to play all of your plunder cards with the appropriate bonuses. When he has enough experience to beat an ally's level, he can right-click to transfer it.

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Zileans Chronoshift is great defense, but what's even better is the ability to play Proothsayer on Zoe and Zilean's board. In addition, both Leviathan and Swain can gain additional protection from the Rite of Denial and, to a lesser extent, from the champion spell of Zilean. Sivir - Sivir can block one of Zilean's time bombs to restore mana and harass Zilean and her lane partner.

It's almost impossible to push him in the middle as his bombs can keep enemies at bay. Mark your enemy in the lane with, and then another, Zilean can do significant damage. In a way, Zilean in this deck mimics what Twisted Fate did in a pair of Bilgewaters for Swain.

Rylais Crystal Scepter - When detonated, this item slows down Zilean's Q time bombs, allowing her team to isolate and destroy enemies. Time Warp Zilean changes the time around any unit, decreasing the enemy's movement speed or increasing the ally's movement speed for a short time. Pale Cascade, Bastion, Proothsayer, Zileans Chronoshift, even summoning Moonglow or giving them stats with Xenotype Researchers are all ways to strengthen and protect champions.

This is important because disabling or focusing on Zilean will cause him to use (R) Chronoshift on himself. Rewind Zilean can prepare for future encounters by reducing the cooldown of other core skills.

In general, this is the list that uses Zilean in the most obvious way; as an AoE removal generator. Probably best for mid-level Comet users, but it can also work on good early ADC media like Draven or Lucian. Someone took it even after the nerfs at the stand, now it may be even better to accept it (in a tank match).

When he has enough experience to beat an ally's level, he can right-click to transfer it. However, it can easily become useless if you lose most of your stacks.

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