Fiddlesticks builds by machine learning. Get the optimal builds for Fiddlesticks, view Fiddlesticks guides written by other players or create your own guides. Fiddlesticks Jungle Statistics Guide builds 8 hours ago LoL Statistics Guide builds Runic Master skills to counteract the clash of Fiddlesticks playing Jungle. How to find the best items and runes you can build for Fiddesticks has been determined by calculations of thousands of record and legend games. Best Fiddsticks top build counter guide runes 5 hours ago We took fiddsticks players with a few in-store purchased items and filtered the group purchases to the most relevant.

We used our extensive database of League of Legends TFT match statistics and proprietary algorithms to calculate the best build options for fiddlesticks, including items built, radiant items, best team comps, spatula items, features and synergies. Builds for Fiddlestick Season 11 Guide SP Support Rune page Fiddesticks is a powerful element for jungle builds full of magical damage for AP and professional players to increase the abilities of summoning spells, and it is a skill-combo skill that is the latest counter in the game. Here are the best Fiddestick builds, items, runes, matchups and league top builds, runes and skills to determine the champion based on the millions of matches we have analyzed.

Find Fiddlesticks Builds, Counters, Guides, Mastery, Runes, Skill Order, Combos and Pro Build Stats in S10 for Top Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support. Season 11 of Fiddlestick Builds is all about runes that help you do magical damage, so you can focus on building unique item sets and gear to maximize the abilities and kit of the champions.

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This page contains instructions for masters and character strategies for fiddlesticks, including statistics, skills, abilities, runes, masteries, mastery and style of play. Percentage shows hostile master counter-reviews for FiddleStick's Jungle Plat game. The best mythical items for fiddlestick that you can build with magic shoes after buying Riftmaker.

The best fiddlesticks runic position is on the primary path and A on the secondary path. The best fiddlestick items for season 11 begin with this purchase. The Stalker Blade is an item that gives Fiddesticks a slowness that they can use to cross alleyways and increase the W drain on enemy champions.

Fiddlesticks has seen a massive rise in popularity in League of Legends and now seems like a great time to look at some of its best builds. Runic Echo Enchancement is a jungle item that, unlike most ability-driven jungles, causes splash damage to fiddlestick abilities, increases its clear speed in the jungle, and increases its damage when it roars. Fiji's R Crowstorm works best when he uses it to blink away careless enemy champions in team battles.

Effigy Fiddlestick can be activated when an enemy champion approaches the area. Liandry Agony This item complements Fiddestick's most harmful ability, Rylai's Crystal Scepter. S Shoes This item increases the damage of the violins and also gives it a magical bonus.

Zhonya's Hourglass - This item allows fiddlesticks to survive collisions if they manage to channel their R Crowstorm charge into the opposing team. Fiji are weak against early jungle inhabitants who enter the jungle and confront it. Another way to build jungle gear is to have a full AP, as Fidlestick only needs + 1 to get a nice Ulti combo.

This construction stirs things up by turning Fiddlesticks into a fighter in the middle lane. Instead of getting the usual jewelry options, he has his own special Trinket, which can be used instead of a picture of himself. With Ultimate Hunter and Key Rune he can rely on Crowstorm.

Fiddlesticks has been revised with the release of League of Legends Patch 1.0.7. His passive, harmless scarecrow is designed to slow the enemy's progress and harass opponents.

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Magic Boots - Boots can be upgraded to increase the magic damage of fiddlesticks against enemies. Champions with highly effective AoE ultimators will work well with this design because their product has a high AoE effect. Items you want to use in this build are Sudden Impact Rune, which is great for late game ambushes.

Fiddlesticks have seen a huge surge in popularity thanks to their recent revamp in League of Legends. The image of a fiddlestick works like a normal piece of jewelry, but the stations provide a view of the surroundings.

If you already have a fiddlestick, consider removing a strong penetrating jungle. This cleanses the Quicksilver Sash and allows you to break the fear with a large part of the Fiddlesticks strength.

This is a champion build guide for League of Legends based on the statistical analysis of the latest game data, so you can be sure that our statistics are unbiased and up-to-date.

Fiddlestick's eerie vocal lines and skills make him a battlefield multiplayer nightmare, both literally and figuratively. Summon Aery Rune and you can build to harass enemies or protect allies. Build up more to play mind games with the enemy jungle or provide help to allies when an opportunity presents itself.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. SupportiveKeystone Rune isandare summoning spells that go well with it. If you want to unleash the ancient evil on your opponent, this is a popular building block to consider.

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