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In season 11, Tomb Buildings are runes that help you do physical damage while you focus on building unique pieces of equipment to maximize the champion's abilities and kit. With tombs, he tends to favor power farming, and places more emphasis on clearing jungle camps as quickly as possible to gain experience and gold advantages before he gets his core items that will allow him to take over the game. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes, grave myths, skill sequence and complete item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry and tokens.

In our cemetery guide you will learn how to get the items, build runes and select skills to use the cemetery skills. How to find the best items and runes you can build for Graves is determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games. The percentage displayed is the opposing counter score for each Graves Jungle Plats per game.

The best mythical tomb item you can build is Eclipse, followed by a slab of steel caps that you can buy here. Rune Build Setup and Charge Playstyle for Graves For some information on the order of runes in this section, see the other parts of this Wild Rift guide. Due to the early damage and aggressiveness of the game, the Graves champions in the top lane have much more gold and experience than the players in the jungle, which means you can grab your core items and do a lot of damage.

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This build is designed to break through enemy champions as quickly as possible, as your car attacks will not cause much damage compared to Graves crits. This means Graves can use his skills with many strokes, which means he will be better able to attack automatically with his shotgun. Learn more about Graves skills in detail, the best items you can build, skill level, and more.

Brutal Graves Standard Domination Rune Brutal gives graves attack damage and tank penetration, which is good in any situation. Navori Quickblade Infinity Edge Solari Chargeblade Death Dance Guardian Angel Greedy Greaves Protobelt Graves is an item that has attack damage, ability, and haste to do damage when using its abilities. Graves is one of the early game duels against other jungle players, which means he will be aggressive early on to gain an advantage.

Brutal Phase Rush helps Graves early in the game by inflicting that extra bit of damage to clear the jungle and turn him into early gangs. Graves is a shooter / fighter mix who plays well in the jungle, and his unique auto-attack mechanics make him a fresh version of the game. The new runes, which are good for Graves, give him stick power on his targets and the ability to exploit them, but require discipline as they can take you to dangerous places.

Hunter vampirism gives graves free physical attack damage, so it will be able to kill enemy champions. Fleet footwork is helpful to build lethality, but Graves won't be able to build physical vamps without an item. Explosive shell deals 250 physical damage (250-150 AD bonus) and strikes with recoil in the graves exploding when enemy champion reaches the end of his range, dealing 200 physical damage and a 200-120 AD bonus.

This allows Graves to kite jungle camps and maintain a high level of horsepower. Maintenance of grit stacks is essential for a simple early game of Grates, so be sure to either take a jungle camp to the next camp to reduce downtime or clear the camp to acquire grit stacks in large quantities. The best ditch position is the primary path and the secondary path.

While Malcolm Graves is explosive and short-tempered, he has a sense of criminal honor that can be enforced with the end of his short-range shotgun in Destiny. Quickdraw's throw grants Graves an additional ammunition load for each bullet that hits an enemy, reducing the turn's cooldown to just over a second.

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