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Knowledge advantage over melee masters can trade with enemies and cross farm. Use Knowing Skill 2 Stroke passively to win business with enemies. If you passively proc Knowledge, it will refund 25 energy if you deal 3 damage to an enemy with skill, and you will restore 40 energy.

From this perspective, the best way to play Knowledge is to become aggressive and harass the enemy as much as possible, using his + 1 Thunder Shurikens high range to attack the enemy. He can also use skills like + 1 thunder shuriken and high-range poking at the opposing team. T do well in 1-1 situations, so make sure you don't catch yourself getting behind your team every time you use your ultimatum, as your team can catch up with the opposing teams with a kill.

Knowing is a melee master of the early games because of his range. Knowledge is best in the late game when he can flank the opposing team and catch them unawares with Slice of Maelstrom. When he roams around and teams up with his team-mates, he can make the difference with his ultimate game and Slice has tremendous team fighting power to win the game.

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Knowing summons a storm, gains bonus armor and magical resistance, causes DPS, and increases damage over time. Knowing deals damage every 0.5 seconds and adds Storm Mark to each damage.

Knowing unleashes a magical storm that deals magical damage to enemies near N seconds and receives armor and magical resistance for every N second. If you strike an enemy with the ability to set a Storm Mark, Knowledge will receive 20% Armor and magical resistance against that enemy for a short time. Knowing casts a Shuriken that deals magical damage to the first enemy hit.

After 3 stacks, the opponents are stunned for 1.25 seconds and Knowledge gains 25 energy. Knowing turns into Lightning, gains movement speed (100% movement speed), and deals magical damage to enemies it crosses, making it a ghost for the duration of the one-second ball. When the ability ends, it gains 100% attack speed for the same duration.

This spell is vital for Knowledge when he has to attack the opposing team. When it deals damage to an enemy, it gains energy and returns it to another. This skill is especially useful when he is in the Laning or Trading Poke phase.

Knowing the passive character of the storm makes him extremely dangerous to enemies at the beginning of the game, which allows him to immobilize enemies without wasting anything, making him an enemy that is not vulnerable to fights and ambushes in the jungle, and does a great deal of damage to anyone in his vicinity. Hextech Rocketbelt is also known for its ability to catch up with its enemies with the perfect ultimate setup. This is part of his destructive team fighting capability, as he was able to beat many champions with his 3rd Lightning Rush, 2nd Electrical Surge, and ultimate cult, Slice of Maelstrom, while maximizing passive activation damage.

Knowing has the ability to be a power champion with mobility and enormous damage in controlling the masses. At first glance, Knowledge is an easy champion for the type of player who does not trust himself, but his great agility can leave you at a disadvantage if you progress without your own enemy vision. Usually built in the upper track, it can also be played in the middle track.

Knowing Heart of the Storm is one of the few well-selected marksmen who can practice their craft in the front row. The best know rune for the top track is wizardry as primary inspiration, inspiration secondary.

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Since season 11, Knowledge has been building runes to help you deal with magical damage, but you should focus on building unique item sets and gear to maximize the champions "abilities and gear. Concentrate on know-how items in the early and mid-game.

Only Yordle from the Kinkou clan, Know, patrol the ghost realm and use devastating electric energy to eliminate their enemies. In our Knowledge Guide you will learn how to build items and select runes to use Knowledge skills. Where to find the best items and Runic Buildings for Knowledge is determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

In this guide, we look at some of the best Runes and Wizards, including tips and tricks to take on and know them in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Learn all about Knowledge skills, with details of the best item builds, skills and more. Let's see in this know-how guide what skills Know possesses in LoL Wild Rift and how you can bring its potential to your game.

The Raven Hunter with the Taste of Blood is an amazing rune that heals itself when Nuguri picks it up, but Knowing has no defense. Note that in late play, his ability to take damage decreases significantly.

Transforms 2 seconds into an electric ball, can no longer attack, achieves 100% bonus movement speed, and deals 85% magic damage to enemies it passes (85 / 80 AP). Madness grants Knowledge increased damage when it enters combat with its enemies for 10 / 5 seconds and stacks with our rune of weakness and our ultimate piece of maelstrom. Percentage is the opposing counterscore, so that Knowledge is always at the top of the place.

By forcing the enemy into team battles, Knowledge's ultimate, Slice of Maelstrom, is able to melt most champions in the middle of the game. The recommended know-how buildings are represented by specific, unique skill levels. We calculated the highest win rate per item built with the best runes, Knowledge Mythical Items and Order of Skill, Complete Item Building Elements, Summoning Spells, Item Building Orders, Jewels, and Counters.

Standard Mage builds that rely on Burst damage
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