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If you are already comfortable playing aatrox, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch11.20. As you can see in the above build, Aatrox rune sets are mentioned that have the best potential on Aatrox. Next tostarting items, there are starting items, you will later level these up into full items for the Aatrox builds. Below, you cansee best League of Legends Aatrox builds, calculated from average winning builds on the Platinum+ league.

In our League of Legends builds, you will see the most popular and versatile variations for each build. Below, you will findthe best items and runes to build with for Aatrox, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of Plat+ League ofLegends matches. Skill Order, or Skill Priority, is extremely important in-game, to ensure you begin winning lanes beforebuying any strong items.

Riot Games is going to try and funnel those selections into specific mythic and legendaries itemizations rather than whereplayers typically gravitate towards. Riot wants players to create items with a bigger impact, which strengthens their ownchampions, not keep the opponent at bay. On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning champions who couldstand up against Aatrox, and vice versa. If you see Aatrox is stronger against an enemy teams carries, then you should chooseAatrox.

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In late game, you need to be going around trying to CC enemy teams with Q, leaving them open for your team. What you shouldbe doing is using this once you get the team fight started, rush into the enemy team and soak up all of their damage, heavilyCCing them and damaging them. As the game goes on, the best thing to do is maximizeandat the endis very powerful skillofintoestablishing the advantage and dominating the opponents.

If you are looking to build and game oninto your matches, be aware this champ is a moderately tough player. Using the Runesof Domination and an itemized All In Dive composition, combined with a Dive Playstyle, this is moderately challengingchampion to play in League of Legends. Aatrox Build 11.19 This champ is one that can get away from mediocre matchups.

s consecutive nerfs of Grievous Wounds are deliberate design choices made by Riot, and are something that Riot will continuebalancing League of Legends around for the foreseeable future. Riots initial round of nerfs to heals is set to hit LoL Patch12.12, targeting Doctor Mundo, Soraka, Viego, and Yuumi. League of Legends patch 12.12 will aim to smooth over some of Leagueof Legends inconsistencies, bringing a more consistent champion meta, and flattening some of the rough edges. Before we getinto champion lists, it is important to note that the names mentioned by Riot Games for League of Legends patch 12.12 arepreliminary, and may or may not fully translate into an official update.

As the damage has been creeping upwards for years, Riot has pushed the pendulum much further the other way, increasing eachchampions tankiness. Periodically, the Aatroxs next basic attack deals bonus physical damage and heals the Aatrox, dependingon their targets maximum health. Aatrox releases its demonic form, frightening nearby enemy minions, and gains attack damage,increased healing, and movement speed.

Land his W-Infernal Chains, then follow it up with your first Q-The Darkin Blade, so that he is able to KO you, making iteven more difficult to get away from his W.

Sustain damage based bruiser builds
Ability Haste
Bruiser HP Recovery
Physical Damage Resistance
Magic Damage Resistance
Fast Waveclear
Gap Close
Force Runes
Force Items
Ban Runes
Ban Items
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Most played skill order:
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