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Welcome to Statistical Cooking Builds Guide Top Lane 1.12.0 We have calculated the highest winning percentage for item builds, the best runes for cooking, mythical items and skills, complete item build start items, summoners, item build orders, jewelry and counters. Below are the best items and runes for the champion determined by calculations from thousands of League of Legends and Plat games. The calculation of cooking builds changes characterizes the division of the meta.

Learn cooking skills in detail with the best item constructions, skills, and more. In our cooking guide you will learn which items you build, which runes you select and which skills you need to select to use his skills. Because of its strengths, cooking is a prime target for the opposing team. So focus on team fighting and know that you need to have the judgment to do the most damage with cooking, such as the Demacian justice, which you can use when the enemy is in poor health or when you want to eliminate the enemy.

The other effect is that Cook builds up a stack of his base attacks, which, when exhausted, deals bonus damage to enemies and slows them down. This build can be used when cooking is placed in the middle of an army, where it can reinforce neighboring teammates without punishing nearby enemies. The runes that belong to this stack are a basic attack and a spell full of cures for Cooking, and 15 percent of the damage it deals to enemy champions.

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Garen's unique passive reduces the effect of Crowd Control abilities by 30 percent and has a statistical increase of 425 health and 60 armor. In addition, Garen builds stacks of motion which in turn increase motion speed. The Black Cleaver is one of the items you will see most in cooking builds. It is perfect for cooking because it increases three main statistics that will help you the most. Players use cooking skills very often, and additional damage from a player makes a champion more powerful, especially in the face of champions with poor health at the start of the game.

All three items will self-harm enemies when attacked by Barbs or Cooks. Each item also has a passive ability that causes moving attacks to build up an energetic attack that causes bonus damage and chains nearby enemies.

This setup, as it sounds, positions Garen as the center of the army, allowing him to reinforce neighboring teammates without punishing the enemy. Thanks to its rich armor, its magical resilience, and its ability to combine with the chosen rune and object composition, it is easy to use cooking to defend a path by its solitude alone. However, cooking with this build is weaker than others.

If Cooking is not hit by an enemy skill, it regenerates a percentage of its total health every second. His passive ability is especially beneficial in early play, as he swaps his armor strikes to regenerate a percentage of his maximum health. If Cooking does not strike in the last 5 seconds or is damaged by an enemy skill, it regenerates 12% of the missing health per second.

S Call to the Power of Demacia tries to execute enemy champions who inflict damage on the area around its target. This allows Cook to escape unscathed, or he can stun enemies with Pyke and freeze the Glacier Army. Demacian Justice - As an ultima ratio, Garen can harness the power of Demacia to execute an enemy champion who does real damage.

Cooking deals more damage depending on how much health the enemy lacks. Harsh opponent Darius Darius has a higher damage rate than Garen because he can stack his bleeding and gain more bonus attacks for himself.

This is to avoid Cain's judgment in the early game, as it does a lot of damage. With cooking you fight many top enemies, so you want to be tanky so you can do damage, especially if you have the sunfire passively.

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The TFT Cooking Build focuses on the Frozen Heart Item because it is the most harmful item in the build. Items such as Frozen Heart nab enemy attack speed mixed with a few items to keep cooking alive and allow for a long cold winter. If you want, you can try to trade in the item for more damage, but I think cooking is best when it becomes tanky in this build.

Using the Frozen Heart item next to an enemy slowly gives Cook and his teammates the upper hand. Other possible synergies include Glacial Keep when the enemy is out of action, and building a noble composition to make cooking more tangible.

This section explains the skills you can gain by leveling cooking up to S11. There are three top elements that can be built for cooking as a class, and they all harmonize well with each other. One building benefits from his attack, while the other makes him armor-like with scalable health bonuses.

Cooking is ideal for most situations because it is strong in 1v1 scenarios, has a lot of hold and does a lot of damage thanks to its passive ability 2, even if you build it as a fighter rather than a tank. Best against Nasus, Garen has the judgment and decisive strike advantage to kill him early in the game due to Nasus "limited mobility. With dissolved runes and dancing duels, this build combines the juggernaut style of Garens Build 1119 and is the easiest to play champion in League of Legends.

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