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A rune restores 12 percent of the health of the Urgods and grants 20 additional gold for each kill or assist against an enemy champion. In season 11, Urgot builds are runes that help you do physical damage, so you can focus on building items that allow you to fight as a team at the right time. How to find the best items and ranes that you can build for Urgot is determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games.

We calculated the highest win rate per item built with the best runes for Urgot, Mythical Items and Skill Order, Complete Item Building Elements, Summoning Spells, Item Building Order, Jewels, and Counters. In percentage terms, the opposing counter-scoring against Urgott's top ranking in the game is shown.

This Black Cleaver build will give Urgot 450 bonus health, 40 attack damage, and 25% haste ability. This build has Black Cleaver's "Go," giving Urgot 400 bonus health and 40% attack damage with a 20% cooldown. Urgot's ultimate skill, coupled with item building, will always make it difficult for the enemy to advance.

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As a Champion of the League of Legends, Urgot can use different items depending on the situation and champion in the game. When Urgot takes damage from an opposing champion, the next three ability attacks reduce the damage he deals.

Others grant Urgot bonus movement speed when dealing damage to opposing champions and assist him in tracking and securing takedowns. Combined with the Urgots Kit, its ability to scale attack damage has a bonus cooldown that allows it to pursue enemies more aggressively. He also has a 25% haste ability, which allows him to pursue enemies more aggressively.

The armored steel cap grants Urgot 20 armor and the unique ability to block 12 percent of the damage caused by basic attacks. The Passive, which reduces incoming damage, stacks at maximum health, making it a great item for Urgot. The best Urgot runes for the top track are Inspiration (primary) and Resolve (secondary).

If you play the first fight in the perfect order and don't die before you kill Urgot in the train, you will play snowball and be able to beat Urgot early in the game. Stridebreaker is a good match for Goredrinkers and is good in team fights against Urgot, especially if you can get him to level 9 before the Power Spike so you can build him up. Recommended urgot builds are shown specifically for a specific skill level.

To build Urgot in season 11, the items played by Urgot can be built with the new powerful boosters. Urgot items are combined with Purge, a stack-gathering ability that increases Urgot's speed of movement and cooldown. With the redesign of the Titanic Hydra, the first centrepiece you should rush for with Urgot is plate made of steel caps.

Flash Teleport is indispensable as an incantation spell, but Urgot is the icing on the cake. Unlike other champions, Urgot does not profit from mythical items, and most of them are lackluster against him. In League of Legends, champions like him use different items depending on the situation and champions in the game.

Try to play and kill Urgot in alleys where he stacks too much armor. In his early game trades, Urgot knows what he's doing and will always be strong.

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Urgot will launch his dash to give himself a shield to win the trade. His damage rate is lower than Tiamats at level 13, so try to abuse that if you can. Skill Mashup: Urgot will dash when you e. Try to dodge him and slow him down as much as possible.

As the match progresses, it is best to maximize a very strong ability to build a lead and dominate the opponent. If one of your teammates is to be killed by Urgot (r), make sure that Urgot is as far away from him as possible to delay if you hope to kill him before he can use him. There is also a little trick with Urgot, where you can use your ultimate stop to see Aggro-Champs, for example, from a tower.

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