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How to find the best item and runic for Illaoi is determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games. We have calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for each of the Illaois mythical items and skills, in order of complete item build launches, summoning spells, item build sequences, jewelry, and tokens.

In season 11, Illaoi builds runes that help you do physical damage, so you can focus on building items that enable you to fight as a team at the right time. Using precision runes and dueling items, this construction combines IllaOi's juggernaut style of play with the construction of 1119, the most difficult game against the Master in League of Legends.

On this page you will find tutorials for masters and character strategies for Illaoi in League of Legends (LoL), including statistics, skills, abilities, runes, constructions, recommended equipment, equipment, and style of play. Instructions on how to build IllaOi Season 11 Guide to Top Support Rune Page IllaAoi can reassemble powerful solo items and top builds to do full damage to professional players, increase abilities, summon spells, and acquire the latest IlloAoi combination abilities to move up in the game. Percentage shows hostile champion counterscoring on Illao's top-ranked game.

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Illaoi is a fighter with special abilities in LoL, with the ability to Summon his tentacles and do damage. Its tentacles inflict physical damage on enemies that hit and heal Illaoi, but they also damage champions. The damage he deals to the area around him creates an unguarded tentacle for each enemy champion hit.

One of Illaois "greatest weaknesses is that it relies on its E-series tentacles, so that champions who can dodge its E and kill its tentacles will make life difficult for it. Killing your tentacles as quickly as possible will make it easier to win battles against Illaoi. At level 6, you can nudge her by ignoring her tentacles with the R. In early play, you can abuse her for 3 levels to reach her first 3 levels.

The point that makes Illaoi such an effective bruiser is that she negates physical and magical damage at all times. If your enemy laner zone, there is a lot of free sack with your E. Illaois octopus priestess has a few marks, but these can easily be countered by enemies who are more skillful. Rediculus, the stupidest champion, isolates her with her tentacles on his R. He can win by exchanging E-punches with her while she makes E-evasive moves.

Kill the original target, and instead of getting a ghost, the target becomes a vessel that begins to spawn tentacles, allowing the character to draw ghosts from enemy champions for 10 seconds, reducing Illaoi attacks per target. You can smash your Q and tentacles to test spirits, and if you're in poor health, the Passive of IllaOi gives you a lifestyle when a tentacle hits a champion. Kill the tentacle in the train, and then pick up the Illaois tentacle in the middle until the end of the game.

This page contains champion, character and strategy guidebooks for Illaoi from League of Legends (LoL) including stats, skills and abilities. Try not to fight IllaoI unless he hits his E and is surrounded by tentacles. Illaois Octopus Priestess is a monster who can beat anyone with his tentacles.

Illinois's immovable state can be abused by high-mobility champions. It is weak when it hits lvl 3, but you can hold it by stacking its tentacles before they spawn. The separation of Verus and Illaoi is similar to railing against them, but does not fight them because they have so many surrounding tentacles.

Illaoi can turn 1v5 in her favor with her R-Leap of Faith, but never underestimate her tentacle set. Avoid teaming up with Leap of Faith to reduce the number of tentacles available to Illaoi. If you play on a kill, it can happen that it overstretches a step too early.

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With Tashas Cauldron on the horizon and the recent news that Illaoi has had a skin condition, it makes sense to build for him. He is immobile, which means that if we put too much pressure on him, we will waste and die. When you team up with your jungle, it's easy to get caught up in it.

Fun aside, Illaoi is the most obvious building for the Arcana subclass shown above. He doesn't have much in his 3, but his skills are as many other great level 2s as Akali, Irelia and Jax. CSE Illaois first several levels consist of the use of Q for precision.

Illaoi does not wear armor in the game, but one could argue that his massive weapons, cauldron, and general outfit should be considered medium armor. As a Warlock, you get two abilities for each of his qualifying lists, so you know what I'm saying when you learn the history of Nagakabouro and use intimidation skills to intimidate Illaoi.

As a bonus action, create a tentacle from any point you can see within 60 feet of you. After you create Tentacle, you may execute a melee spell attack against any creature within 10 feet. You can move the tentacle 30 feet as a bonus action and repeat the attack as another bonus action.

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