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If you want to add a little bit of variety to your gameplay you can play one of the best offlaner champions, Shyvana. Her ultimate transformation into a dragon makes her a tanker. There are three followers in total, including Shyvana (spoiler).

If Shyvana and her allies kill more dragons, she will receive more bonus armor and magical resistance. She also gains a second of rage and gains 2 rage per basic attack. Shyvana can surround herself with fire and deal magical damage per second to nearby enemies that move for 3 seconds.

Wild Rifts is a warrior / tank champion who deals high AoE damage and is known for her unique Drake kill ability. Shyvana has the ability to do physical and magical damage by transforming into a dragon during her ultimate life. It deals bonus damage to the dragon and receives armor and magical resistance.

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Shyvana can be countered by other champions who do not have the ability to derail her. You can surprise the enemy and have him remove the drake with Shyvana's AoE effect from his second skill. When Shyvana attacks, the distance used to start the fire increases.

In this guide, we'll look at some of the best Runes and Wizards, including tips and tricks to help you win in League of Legends: Wild Rifts Shyvana with Shyvana. Shyvana has quality, movement and speed, but when you play her as a jungle, it really comes down to the make-up of the team. She relies on her ability to quickly help refresh her skill rotation, which allows her to reset faster and do more damage during the laning phase and in team fights.

We are here to help take your Wild Rift game to the next level, whether new to Shyvana or want to refine your style of play. Find out all about Shyvana's skills, details about the best items, skills and more. With Shyvana, you want to upgrade your skill to 3 and continue to upgrade from 2 to 1.

Shyvana unleashes a fireball that deals damage to enemies she encounters, leaving the target dross behind and marking it for 5 seconds. Burnout (2. Deals 27 magic damage (25% + 25% AD bonus / second) to near enemies with haste, and Shyvana has 30% expiration for 3 seconds. Deals 30 to 25 magic damage to all Shyvanas (-25% to + 25% bonus per second to the nearby enemy) and decays for 3 seconds.

Shyvana's attacks against burnt enemies deal 35% of their maximum health bonus magic damage. Shyvana can stay in dragon form until she is completely consumed by her rage. Their attacks on these enemies deal magical damage equal to 30% of their maximum health.

Shyvana's abilities will be strengthened based on which drakes spawn in the game - and if you succeed to secure them, your ability will receive additional stats. Passive causes Shyvana to deal 20% bonus damage to Elemental Dragons and older Dragons. Killing dragons improves Shyvana's abilities in her dragon form.

This allows Shyvana to pile up and do more damage. As a result, attacking speed items are more valuable to Shyvana than they are to most champions. Brutally helping Shyvana in the early game with an extra portion of damage, clearing the jungle and getting her in for early ganks.

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Shyvana turns into a dragon and flees to a destination. Enemies on their way are damaged and returned to this place. Slaying Cloud Drake gives Shyvana in dragon form 25% more movement speed.

Shyvana's next attack does less damage than the two attacks where the hit effect was applied, making her a great carrier for hit items like Nashor Tooth. The combination of the two raid spells Flash and Smite is highly recommended as it helps her kill monsters quickly. Because she does so much damage, Shyvana can use Twin Bites to hit enemies with her 3rd Flame Breath and have her scorching effect applied.

Killing a drake also strengthens Shyvana's ability in dragon form. Exterminating a cloud dragon gives Shyvana wings and causes an additional 25% of the dragon form burnout and haste. Auto attacks extend the duration of the dragon-shaped burnout by half the burnout scale, so Shyvana is larger.

In addition, Shyvana also benefits from killing the drake. While it is in dragon form, it has different effects than in human form, but is only a bit more powerful.

Shyvana is a creature with a magic runic that burns itself in her heart. This item helps her stay alive against physical vampires and allows her to attack with her ultimate car.

Shyvana is a tank that does magic damage, so the best alley for her is a baron's alley. Taking a Dragon Rift or Herald of the Baron gives you and your team an advantage in the game. Builds up well against attack damage champions like Camille and Darius due to 300 maximum health, 35% attack damage, and 15% haste ability stats.

The percentage shown is the opposing counter score against Shyvana in Jungle Plat games. % is the percentage displayed as the opposing champion on Shyvana's Jungle Plat during the game.

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If you are looking for the best runic structures for Shyvana, we have you covered. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes on Shyvana for mythical items, skill sequence, full item builds, starting item, summoning spell, item build order, jewelry and tokens. You will find the best items and runes of Shyvana as determined by calculations from thousands of games of PLAT and League of Legends.

Build Shyvana with the help of the Shyvana Build Guide. In our Shyvana guides you will learn how to obtain items, build runes and select skills to use Shyvana's abilities. Before we discuss Shyvana, it's good to know what skills she has.

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