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Below are the best items and rune builds for Trundle as determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest win rates for each item, the best rune trundles, mythical items and skill orders, full items, starting items, summoners, item build orders, jewelry and counters.

Using precision runes and combat items combined with a juggernaut style of play, Trundle can be built as the easiest to play champion in League of Legends # 1119. Top Rune Page Trundled is a powerful item and jungle build that deals full damage to professional players to increase the abilities of summoners and late combination abilities in the game. Percentage show hostile champion counterratings for trundling in the jungle in Plat Games.

If you are looking for the best rune builds for Trundle, we have you covered. Trundles build # 1119 is a rank E tier pick for the jungle role in season 11.

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Trundle is a powerful top lane fighter who builds raven black Hydra and Trinity to push himself forward and do a lot of damage. Trundle builds a steel shoulder guard as a support, which is a perfect entry-level item. He also builds standard support tanks to make himself fat in general.

As the dominant champions, who don't have a lot of damage control or are slow to clear, Trundle has become the meta-jungle position. As a modifier, it targets enemy champions and disintegrates for 4 seconds after the drain is completed.

Trundle is a feat that consumes the strength of his current goal. It applies the same effect to the opposing champion for the next 4 seconds. Players in the Nordic East of the EU who use Trundle as support can advance to the Master with a win rate of 56%.

Trundle's Q ability, Chomp, reduces attack damage from targets that are near melee while in use. With Trundle support, you don't have to do as much damage with simple attacks as players who have a limited number of items.

The versatility of these capabilities makes Trundle a fantastic support pick. He can use his column to zone out enemies for your transport, he can use Chomp for a small slowdown that reduces damage, and his ultimate makes tanks easier to wear and tear off. He drains the opposing champion's life power, deals magic damage and healing damage, and steals 20% of his armor and magical resistance.

The best place to keep trundles in track is within reach of your revolver. He can start a battle or position the enemy by setting up a pillar.

When the angry ice witch conjured up her own dark magic, Trundle believed he was coming to an end, but a clever idea hit him. With his massive, frozen club, he cooled his enemies to the core and pushed them into a jagged shards of ice. When he returned to the army, his trolls bowed to him and captured him.

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