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If you are already comfortable playing Darius, it is a great resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch 11.20.With our Darius Guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to use Dariusabilities correctly. Below, you will find the best items and runes to build for Darius, determined by LeagueSpys calculationsfrom thousands of League of Legends games at Plat+. Since the 11.19 build for Darius, that champ and the runes help with thephysical damage, you are going to be focused on building everything into items, everything that will allow you to enable youduring a teamfight at just the right moment.

These main items are going to make sure that you are having the best possible experience with Darius. With Darius, once youreach late-game and you have got your core items, the best thing you can do with Darius is to engage in a teamfight with yoursquad. You can either build Darius as a full tank if you are losing, or a full AP tank if there are many champions on theopposing team that are doing lots of damage from AP.

Once you get to the 5-stack, Darius gets increased damage from attacks, helping to win fights for you early in the game. Ifyou are able to stack up against an enemy champion in the early game, Darius can use his capture (3rd skill) to draw them toyou, helping get the 5 stacks. Even more good early laner power will let Darius better pressure scaling champions early inthe game, as well as increasing the chances you get 1v2s while ganking. Hemorrhage (Passive) helps Darius greatly in longerengagements, so do not be afraid when going inside to engage an opponent, as once it is fully charged, you are going to doplenty of damage.

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You should be playing hazard in the laning phase with Darius, because you will do a lot more damage the longer the fightdrags on. While you should go for the extra damage with Darius, it is sometimes better to allow more time for yourself to doso, especially against hybrid comps. If used early, Darius also has access to a slow that makes him easier to poke at champson the outside edges of the decimate.

The protective boots will let Darius last a little bit longer, with better chances of using the Decimate heal a few times.Dorans shield combined with Decimates heal will let Darius keep poking the champs until he runs out of mana. Make sure youare taking full advantage of your decimate (1st skill) Make sure to poke the champions outside rings for the heals, and stackup on Dariuss passive. Hit enemies with the outside of Decimate (1) dealing bonus Physical Damage and healing itself perchampion hit, applying Hemorrhage Passive.

Hitting enemies with the edge of his Axe deals 110 physical damage (40+100% AD), healing Darius for 12% of the lost healthper champion hit. Empowers his next attack for 8 seconds, dealing additional damage (30% AD) and delaying for 1 second by90%. Crippling Strike (2) Empowers Darius next attack to deal additional physical damage and slow enemies for one second.

If Darius has Noxian Might active, Darius applies a full stack of Hemorrhage to enemies he hits at the rim. Noxian Mightgrants Darius bonus AD, and causes his attacks and abilities to apply the full stack of Hemorrhage instantly. Spirit VisageHP and magical resists also let Darius survive for a long time during battle, to gain the full utility from Darius passivesand ultimates. Learning how to utilize both the hemorrhage and the noxian might is extremely important if you are looking toget an edge when playing as Darius.

The passive skills included with Dance of Death keep you alive longer, which, as we mentioned earlier, is certainly somethingthat you will need to work on while playing Darius. Flash is truly the heartbeat to playing as Darius, so you should reallylearn how to Master Flash, especially if you want to stay relevant at higher ELOs. Use Flash in the very last millisecondsbefore Darius swings his axe, as the better timed you are, the less chances enemies will respond to you.

Darius is strongest when he has his Flash on, and I have got all of the things that you can do with Flash to really screw upthe opponents. Both Q Flash and E Flash are going to be better though as you play more Darius and get used to his hitboxesand such.

If you kill an enemy with Decimate, you will halves his cooldown and also get back any mana you spent. If you R before Flash,and are within Ult range of an opponent for just a few milliseconds, Darius will auto-ult. Why flash is better is becausewhen you R someone, Darius will go to them and Ult as soon as they are in range. Foes at the fringes of the circle take allof the brunt of the attacks, healing Darius and applying Hemorrhage.

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Force of Nature is the piece against a composition with a lot of AP-based stuff, particularly ones that are really goodkiting and look like they are outside of range to Darius. Trinity Force is an essential item for many League of Legendschampions, and this is no different for Darius. Trinity Force -- While Trinity Force is a risky item to build because of thehigher cost, it is the strongest Mythic item for Darius to use during his late-game stage. Trinity Force should only be builtearly on if you are already heavily ahead because of its risky nature, since Darius needs established tank items in order tokeep Darius alive.

If you are without an Ultimate, you may as well buffer your Auto Attacks with Flash in order to have them begin immediatelyinstead of giving yourself a chance to click wrong and mess up a simple kill.

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