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The streamer RossBoomsocks of the League of Legends went through the numbers with Matthew "Knipfer" Knipfer, the creator of Deep League on YouTube who has the same theory as the hobbyist who popularized the correct panthon setup (calculated from the above explanation) in terms of setting skills. His YouTube video gained more than 250,000 views.

The thing is, I think these builds are so different from the standard setting intelligence focus and so many other things that I'm not going to talk about it. You could argue that he has the best facebreaker of all his allies.

Instead of following the armored route, Sett likes to use Turbo Chemtank as his mythical object. On the other hand, he also likes to attack Speed Tank to eliminate his damage buildup.

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Sett is a boss who thrives as the chief mugger with the ability to play in the jungle. He can carry enemy champions in the air and knock them to the ground, do damage and slow them down on landing. Sett can also pull the enemy on the opposite side and do damage and stun him.

Sets builds involve stacking health with champions that do real damage (percentage of health damage) or, worse, are capable of dismembering it. This heavy hand makes him stand out in short trades, where you can attack your opponent automatically, and in extended fights, where you have a better chance of giving your fighters more DPS. I have focused this guide on the top track Sett, but much of what I have said also applies to Jungle Sett.

In the early game, Sett will not be able to obtain many ranged attacks in a row so that if your enemy turns into a veyen, for example, you will be lost. If you're dealing with a ranger and you don't pick Sett, he will prepare you for failure or at least abuse the whole early game.

Being fresh to Sett in League of Legends, you need to have confidence in your skills to make it work with this build. Top Lane is an easy distance champion, so no matter how you play, he will double up.

Sett appreciates the extra health of the Giant Belt as it becomes less likely an enemy jungle will destroy it before it can raise its shield and take it to the relative safety of a friendly tower.

The attack speed is good for Sett, because the right shot comes out much faster. Using the above as a starting point, you can finish Ravenous Hydra and Dead Mans Plate, which makes Sett very effective at moving forward and surviving battles.

Set's approach to combat varies depending on how he builds and how many items he has. Maybe he would like to build Sterak's fee for additional damage and survivability. This build-up may not be strong for a few weeks, but if it becomes more balanced in a moment, it will be worth using.

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The Last Stand is a standard runic shape, but it is particularly strong against him thanks to his Grit of Reverse shield, which does not count against health. Note that 10 hits from Setts Boss (five car attacks) are the most damaging ability he can use in combat, thanks to the extra attack speed of his alternative right fist attack. Some champions will try to outdo Sett but he will get a second wind.

Mastering CDR and sett can take a while, so don't blame the build itself if you don't succeed. If you want to prevent the enemy from steaming the game, choose one of these champions. However, if you are already a seed and want strong synergy effects, you should choose a different champion.

If you are looking for the best rune builds for sett, we have you covered. In season 11, SetBuilds feature runes that help you do physical damage, so you can focus on building items that will enable you to fight as a team at the right time. This section explains the skills you can build in S11.

Here you can find the best items and runses for Sett as calculations have shown from thousands of Plits in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest win rates for each item build, the best runes for each set, mythical items and skills, full item build launches, summoning spells, item build orders, jewelry and tokens. The best positioning of the rune for the primary and secondary path.

Titanic Hydra - I recommend you build up a lot of health in this setting if you want to add waveclear and auto reset. Conqueror - works best with this set because you can stack it with your quick double auto / auto reset knuckles.

His mythical Stridebreaker item hits exactly what sets want: attack damage, attack speed, health, and the ability to hurry up for extra turn speed. Haymakers store damage after damage mitigation and maximize it, so they should avoid building defense items to mitigate damage. Using knuckles during cooldown helps activate Pit Grit, which helps reduce the damage of a single target.

The next two attacks do additional damage based on the maximum health of the targets. Knuckles scale more with the maximum health rank of the enemies, making them a dangerous source of damage to set's kit. If the logic is right, this setbuild sounds like something a pro should stick to in the solo queue: a conventional setbuild with stridebreaker to fill the gap with enemy champions, followed by Sterak's Gage and Mercury's Tread.

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