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In our Alistar Guide, you will learn about item builds, runes, and skill selection to use Alistars skills. How to find the best item and runic for Alistar is determined by calculations from thousands of plats in League of Legends games.

If Alistar takes damage, it heals its 20 HP to an allied champion with 40 HP. After a full stack, his next base attack on an enemy champion deals an additional 100 magic damage points and deals 100 / 40 AP magic damage to nearby enemies for 5 seconds. When Alistars is thrown back by a stunning champion, the cooldown is reduced by 8 seconds.

Trampling - Alistar deals territorial damage to nearby enemies for a few seconds. Trample will damage enemy champions five times during his next attack for 5 seconds, allowing him to do additional damage and stun enemy champions for a second. When Alistar tramples, enemies are forced to retreat from them and suffer damage from the threat of being stunned as long as they stay away from him.

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Powder (Skill 1) Alistar deals 60 percent magic damage to enemies near you, giving them the effect of a knock-up for one second. Head Strike (Skill 2) Alista darts towards enemies, causes 55 percent AP Magic damage and returns the effect. Trample (Skill 3) Alistan deals 100 percent magic damage to the next enemy for five seconds.

This combination allows Alistar to approach the enemy and achieve a knock-up effect. Alistar can use its headbutt as a second ability to beat back the enemy and then use its other abilities to stay alive and fuel the opposing team. Allo - Alistar smashes the ground and stuns and damages the enemy with magical damage.

Be sure to use the three skills Alistar uses: Unbreakable when it wants to dive in, annoying enemies, and zones in team fights. Alistar will often take witch flash and try to use it to engage you. Farm scalpers will try to ignore him, and if he uses his combo, he's all but useless.

You can start a team battle with skills like the Alistars Wild Rift combo or use an ultimatum to neutralize incoming damage and keep the fight going. Weakness Rune is a passive that does additional damage to affected enemies, slows down and stuns, and synchronizes well with Alistar. Hunter Rune of the pack allows Alistar to get more movement speed on allies and this will help close enemies that hit by your combos.

Abyssal Mark grants a sustainability bonus and increases the magical damage suffered by enemies around Alistar. If 3 or more enemy champions possess this item, increase maximum health of Alistars by 130%.

The cooldown decreases each time Alistar uses its ability to strike back or stun an enemy champion. After Alistars has won a full stack, the next base attack on the opposing champion deals additional magic damage and stuns him. This is a skill of Pasif that recharges Alistar by stunning and moves toward the target until all enemies nearby die.

Alistar heals itself and nearby champions when he or his allies are damaged. When Alistar takes damage, he heals himself (20% healing increases with level) and allied champions (40% healing increases with level).

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Alistar hits the ground, inflicts damage on nearby enemies and hurls them into the air. Alistar tramples near enemy units, ignores collisions with units, and gains a stack of damage against enemy champions. A nice way to do Alistar a bit more damage if he jumps into the opposing team to secure a kill.

L LoL Wild Rift Alistar Builds Guide contains Alistar skills, items, builds, gameplay tips and recommended runes and spells. Alistar is a great back-up and tank champion who helps his team by controlling the crowd and having the ability to disrupt his teams. With his combos in the Laning phase he creates immense kill pressure, which makes him one of the best aide champions both in the Wild Rift and League of Legends.

If you love being at the center of big team battles, digesting the hard damage the enemy is doing and surviving, Alistar is the tank and support champion for you. He is a bull buck for the enemy and he can turn the tide in your favour and win the game.

Alistar does not need to spend mana on healing and does not need to purchase additional items to be useful. Be sure to use cheap armor and support items to take advantage of the little gold he gains during the game. Alistar may not be a better champion in agriculture, but it keeps other champions from being the enemy's last hit.

These cheap items have a great benefit, with Protectors Vow being the biggest when it comes to keeping allies and ADC safe and making Alistar burst. Other situational items are also useful for Alistar, such as Redemption and Mikael's Blessing.

Frostfire Convenant deals continuous magical damage to enemies, Frostfire encounters other alien and wild drift structures. Below are the priority skills you need to play Alistar. Percentage shows the opposing counter-scoring against Alistar, the champion.

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