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This is the build guide for Alistar from Lol Wild Rift, including skills, build items, game tips, recommended runes, andspells for Alistar. If you are already comfortable playing as Alistar, this is an excellent resource for getting quick accessto good rune choices for patch 11.20. With our guide on Alistar, you will find out what items to build, what runes to pick,the skill order, and how to use Alistars abilities correctly.

Learn about Alistar abilities in depth, best items to build, what skills to level up first, and much more. Below, you willfind the best items and runes to build for Alistar, determined by LeagueSpys calculations from thousands of Plat+ League ofLegends matches. In LoLs Wild Rift, the best items to build for the Alistar Support Champion are Plate of Death, Convergencefrom Zeke, Boots upgraded by Locket, and Protector.

The final two items of Alistar could be any tanky items which would help your sustain better based on enemy teamscomposition. Be sure to take advantage of cheap tanky support items to take advantage of that small amount of gold thatAlistar gets on the wild rush. Since Alistars build and runes for Season 12 are going to be helping to do magic damage, yourmain goal is going to be building tank items that allow you to soak up as much damage for your team as possible. For thestrongest build for an Alistar Support Champion in Wild Rift, you may want to go with Flash and Exhaust spells, should youropponents team have any high-damage champs.

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Alistar is an excellent tanky support champion that can help their team out with providing crowd-control abilities that caninterrupt their burst. Alistar is very tanky champion who has the support as well as the tanking abilities, Alistar isextremely useful in team fights as Alistar has great crowd control. He can apply tremendous kill pressure during laning phaseusing his combo, making him one of the best supports in both Wild Rift and League of Legends.

This rune is very valuable for a champion like support Alistar, since he can proc Aftershock with ease thanks to his manystuns, making him a tanky carry.

Triumphant Roar (Passive) When Alistar or a nearby teammate takes damage, Alistar heals both themselves and nearby championsof an allied champion. Alistar runs over nearby enemy units, ignores the units collision, and gains a stack if it damages theenemy champion. The gains are awesome to perform Tower Dive as they will allow Alistar to withstand nearly double the numberof Turret hits before Alistar dies. Once Alistar has Unbreakable Will active, crowd control effects are removed from him, andhe gains massive amounts of damage reduction over a short period.

At full stack, Alistars next basic attack on the enemy champion deals extra magic damage and stuns him. If Trample (3)damages an enemy champion 5 times, Alistars next attack for 5 seconds is enhanced and deals extra damage, while also stunningthe targeted enemy champion for one second. Enemy champions will be forced to retreat while Trample is active, as theyreceive magical DPS as well as the threat of the upcoming stun. When Alistar uses Trample (3), enemies will be forced to backaway because they will be receiving damage and the threat of being stunned if they stand next to Alistar.

Triumphant Roar (Passive) has a very long cooldown, but is reduced whenever Alistar uses an Alistar Ability to Knock Up orStun enemy champions. Alistar can use her Headbutt (2nd Ability) to knock enemies down, while using her other abilities toremain alive and tank for an opposing team. You will need to play with Alistars cooldowns, but it is very possible that anopponent will be able to do similar things to you.

Alistar may take a chance on a burn and secure a kill, should he find himself in a situation where his ADC wants to keep asafer side.

The Training Mode in Wild Rift allows Alistar to go into an opponent and take out a large pulverize, which has a chance oftaking down all of those in Alistars vicinity. Alistar is a support/tank champion who has low base damage from attacks, hasdecent survivability from defensive skills or mobility, has a strong chance of buffing teammates or controlling enemies inpacks, and is difficult to game against. In this article, you will learn how to build Alistar support champion on Wild Riftin order to gain full benefits of it during the fight. Of those, Alistar is the focus of the spotlight this week, as supportShiMing Sen-Ming from Royal Never Give Up played Alistar perfectly in Game 1 of Royal Never Give Ups game against JD Gamingin the seventh week of League of Legends.

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Zekes Convergence Deadmans Plate Force of Nature Thornmail Randuins Omen Plated Steelcaps-Locket Alistar does incredible workon tanks and supports, which are capable of helping Alistar remain alive while going on top of enemies with their crowdcontrol.

Lich Bane - This item increases Alistars burst damage and gives you the bonus magical damage on the next attack you takeafter casting your skill. Gargoyle Charm - This item This item increases Alistars max HP by 65%, as well as reduces alldamage dealt by 60% for 4 seconds. If 3 or more enemy champions are nearby, this item will automatically instead raiseAlistars health by 130 %. Void Gauntlet -- This item increases Alistars damage output against tanks with higher MagicInfiltration stats.

Aftershock from the resolve tree is easily the best rune in a critical hit rune on Alistar, a champion who excels in stallingenemies. There are not a ton of other champs who could cause a ton of problems to Alistars Mind of Brand, however, since itgets too much damage and controls.

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