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Welcome to a statistical Sion building guide for Top Lane in 1.12.0, where we calculate the highest odds of winning items with the best Sion runes, mythical items and skills, complete items, starting items, summoning spells, item build orders, trinkets and counters. You will also find the best items and runic structures for the champion, as calculations from thousands of Plat and League of Legends games show. If you know how to play Sion, there is a great resource for good rune selection in Patch 1.11.0.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Sion, we have the right answer for you. The Sion Build Guide in Season 11 Guide to Sion's Top Lethality Rune Page Sion is a powerful single item in the middle build that does full damage to professional players to improve the abilities of summoners and late Sion combination abilities that evolve in League of Legends.

The best positioning of the rune of Sion is the primary path and the secondary path. The best Sion buildings have 1119 runes in the top orbit, which are dissolved in the primary and inspiration in the secondary.

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I like Sion because he's an all-round champion with a lot of build-up play, he can play any position and the only one I wouldn't play is an AD carry. In the early game, Sion is your mage, who can kill with his touch and be killed by touching the enemy. On the level of Sion, he becomes a black mage who specializes in making his attacks more powerful and remedying his long-delayed abilities.

One of my favourite things about Sion is the full attacking damage from the centre stripe. Sion has armor and mage properties, which means many stunts and jumps into danger. Hopefully that will help anyone who needs advice on how to build Sion.

Sion is the strongest champion in the game, his Q will do you so much damage if you leave it to him, SourTower says: He is so strong that he fits into the current meta and will ruin you, so don't play it safe. If you choose Sion, be careful if you want to build a tank, it can outwit you as a tank and if you have no damage, kill it in a few minutes and stay in front of it. If he gets the lead, you will never kill him, he will just throw you like a ragdoll and the game will end.

Sion's attacks get faster and heal faster, and he deals bonus damage based on the maximum health of his targets. These skills help him get closer and reward him for staying close.

If he is killed, Sion can be resuscitated in declining health. The Soulfurnace of Sion has a shield that can be reactivated every 3 seconds to deal magical damage to enemies.

Sanguine Storm - An ultimate attack that sends Sion into a tailspin and does more damage to enemies near the attack center. Decimate Smash - Sion loads a powerful swing onto the area in front of him and deals damage to all released enemies. If he charges enough time, enemies hit by the swing will be thrown back and stunned.

To give it a try, here's a full lethargy build-up: Level 18 Predator Sion Predator Infused Ultimate Ability: If you follow a basic attack with a Duskblade trigger, you deal 1800 damage. Slayer’s slayer Roar Sion fires a shockwave from a short distance, slowing down and reducing the armor of the first enemy hit.

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'Sion is one of the brightest champions in the whole game and no one will escape his ultimate thing. His Unstoppable Onslaught is an excellent road map when pushing towers.

Keeping Sion in battle and distracting the enemy is the essence of tank work. Tanking Sion is not so much about CDR, but about building and freely gaining your own skills.

This makes Sion a bit stronger and can recover a bit to defeat the enemy. 'Sion is a tanki that can do a lot of damage and kill a lot. Cheese Sion players by waiting for the second brush in the top alley to get a full load of Q, and then brush the first 3 minions that will do you a lot of damage.

Let's talk about how to build a Sion Mech that rides a lizard to maximize its ability to initiate team fights. Since season 11 Sion has been crafted with Runes to help you deal with physical damage but you can also focus on building armor items that allow you to absorb as much damage for your team as possible.

Capturing immortality will increase your HP when Sion ascends, making it a vital runic choice. I recommend playing a PTA build for Sion. Overgrowth harmonizes well with the remaining runes and Sion abilities, so it is best to pick them up early in the game.

If you don't get your items in time, this rune will help you do good damage without having to complete your construction. Iceborn Gauntlet will help you hold targets, as it is a staple built in Sion, especially if your team lacks Lord Dominiks, which will buy the opposing team a lot of tanks. Boots are not necessary for inte Sion, but guardian angel is an ideal decoration.

Because it is not a concentrated magical power pile (CMP) or a drain ability, it is not suitable for mastering one-shot or one-kill. When you're popping a Predator Sion, try your best to steer your ponderous snowball away from the lane and hit crisp targets instead.

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