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We've calculated the crafting of the highest victory items, the best runes for Zach, Mythic items, skill order, complete item build, starting items, summoner spells, item build order, pendants, and tokens. Below you can find the best items and runes to craft for Zach, as calculated by LoLSolved's from thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. The best Zach mythic item you'll craft is the Sunfire Aegis, followed by the purchase of Plated Steelcaps. Using Resolve Runes and tank builds, combined with Vanguard's playstyle, this is an easy champion to play League of Legends.

Wolfious's new video of Zack shows how Zack can be turned into Fiddlesticks and kill enemies very easily by creating full AP items. If you are looking for the best rune build for Zach, we can help you. League of Legends resident champion Zach went viral recently after YouTuber Wolfious filmed a video of his creation with elements of full damage. The video combines a montage of highlights with an informative guide explaining how the build works and what is the best interpretation.

Zack has very low AP, so the best way to increase damage is to not build up AP. Join the world's most powerful influencer marketing platform now and get the detailed information you need to connect with Zac Builds. Build Zach 11.22 counts as a Tier B choice for his role in the jungle in Season 11. Frostfire Gauntlets cost 400g. Smaller, and its mythical passive stacks up very well with Zach, Sunfire Aegis's burn damage is good, but my build is more focused on short fights and one shot firing. being very tenacious.

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The build allows you to quickly take out enemies when they are tossed into the air, instead of engaging in combat and taking damage like a normal Zach player would. Rather than focusing on grabbing and absorbing damage, the build allows you to quickly take out enemies as they are tossed into the air. I mentioned earlier that Zax's damage doesn't scale well with raw APs, so Abyssal Mask is a fantastic choice as it still grants another 15% damage buff. In case you're wondering, the only scenario in which I am not building an Abyssal Mask is when the enemy is completely AD and I am behind. To connect with Zac Builds through your influencer marketing campaign, sign in or sign up at Connect with Influencers, where you can select categories and templates to help your campaign advance.

Whether you want to share your latest product, raise awareness for your charity, or just want to connect directly to Zac Builds, you can find all the ways to access through Connect with Influencers. There are many examples, but we found this one from Zac Builds based in Canada to be really intriguing. Once you have access to the Zac Buildss details, you can start chatting with them and their 46181 social reach.

The essence of Sachs is how and when to use the three skills; Q, E, R is effective. The best Zach runes at the location are the main path and as a secondary path. The video combines a series of highlights with a tutorial explaining how the build path works and which item is optimal. No one expects how much damage you can do with this build, make sure you use your volley wisely and don't give them a chance to escape.

If you manage to get 10 stacks on your Dark Seal (which isn't necessarily difficult since you don't die as often as Zak), this item grants 40 health, 55 AP, and the ability to buy Mejais. You play a jungler who is weak at first, has long CDs, not meta, and you build strange objects. Zach has HUGE base damage + one shot potential and all of his damage is AP.

As the match progresses, it is best to maximize and ultimately it is a very strong ability to create an advantage and dominate your opponents. If the enemy is hit, Zak will fly as a champion for 0.5 ~ 1 seconds depending on how long you charge your E. Once you reach the maximum E, you can fly from the golem camp to the dragon pit. And since Zack can throw himself from a long distance, opponents will not even notice him approaching.

Contact the Zac Buildss management team or find out more about their agents today by visiting the Connect With Influencers database of celebrities and influencers. After taking fatal damage, Zach disintegrates into 4 drops that try to reunite. Each drop has a percentage of Zach's maximum health, armor, and magic resistance. Zach is from Toronto, Canada and has worked as a bricklayer, contractor and carpenter for the past 10 years.

Once every 12 seconds, your next immobilize spell deals [12 to 29] (+ 3% of your bonus HP) additional magic damage and unleashes a new fire star that also deals that additional damage around you. On full stacks, if the attacker is in melee, also slows the target by 50% for 1 second. The impulse is attenuated by stunning, provocation, fear, metamorphosis, or immobilization.

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