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Maokai can do a ton of damage without ripping down with Oblivion Orb, relic shield, Stirring Wardstone Boots, Lucidity Boots and Mercury Treads. Instead of taking a tank run like Aftershock, Maokai support may opt for Arcane Comet.

Maokai is first and foremost a prop when he plays on the top rink. As support, he works best against ADCs who can track damage and CC on their own as he gets involved.

Maokai does well in all phases of the game and is an unwavering frontman in the late game. The best thing about Maokai's abilities is that they are easy to land and you will have no trouble locking up enemies with your mass control. The only depressing feeling you get when you play Maokai is the lack of damage.

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Activating items like Clash gives Maokai enormous tanking power in the form of bonus health in addition to armor and magical resistance. Items like Scales with the health of their users, so it's best to get an item that boosts Maokai's health to make it even better, and items like Shields are particularly strong. If you don't pick up Maokai support before the enemy picks it up, we recommend you build an item like Painful Wounds to counteract its passive healing.

There are other ways to build full armor items like Warmog Armor and Randuin Omen to turn Maokai into an unpredictable wizard. AP Maokai's support can take a few games to get used to, especially when you play him as a tank.

The abilities and power of AP scale with every skill in his kit, allowing Maokai to take on more meta-builds and build AP items that help him do a ridiculous amount of damage. The Manaflow Band helps him build up his mana reserves, allowing him to stay in the track longer.

This rune is another healing source for Maokai that is activated every time it scores a kill or assist. It is so helpful that it is considered a must for all Maokais in all game modes of League of Legends.

With dissolved runes and armor items in combination with the avant-garde style of play, Maokai Buildings [1119] are among the easiest to play champions in League of Legends.

If you are looking for the best runic structures for Maokai, we have you covered. Here you can find the best items and runes you can build for the champion, as Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of games of the League of Legends have shown. This guide is a build for Maokai from the 11th season of the Top Armor Roundup Guide, which combines Maokai's powerful gear and SP build with the full AP damage of professional players to enhance the abilities of the support spells and the new Maotai combination abilities in League of Legends.

Randuin's Omen is the Maokai initiation object that slows down enemies trying to escape from their initial Righteous Glory (R), Nature Grip (W), and Twist (A) to drive combos.

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Maokai's Laning Phase is not as strong, and she can fight pickaxes like Leona, who can decimate her. Maokai can avoid damage when using Twisted Advance, so don't waste your spells. Although he is an AP-based champion, his skills can be devastating when you leave a bit of power behind.

Maokai does not have a strict construction path, but he needs some items more than others. However, there are certain items that are worth building for Maokai in the game. Thornmail is one of the best armor articles in League of Legends for Maokai.

With this structure and playing style, Aftershock seems to be the most appropriate Maokai support. The most important element for your build is Sunfire Cape, which helps you fly with ease, has a great teamfight effect, and does a lot of AoE damage that you can use to control enemies.

Maokai fits well with many attack helicopters and tanks in the top alley. With Bramble Smash, Maokai can eliminate nearby enemies, while Shockwave does magical damage to them and slows them down.

You can build Maokai in many different ways, but in this guide we will stick to common constructions that will help you succeed in most games. We will introduce you to the best builds for Maokai's Aram in season 11, along with some additional tips on how to do things in the game. This page contains a guide for Maotai characters, which contains statistics, skills, abilities, rune mastery and style of play.

Thanks to the power of the Imperial Mandate, Maokai support is the most important support in the game. With a win rate of 57.72%, Maokai is the most successful support since patch 1.0.23. Maokais has always had a good win rate in niche endorsements, but when he has full support from AP edifices like Liandry, Morellonomicon, and Demonic Embrace, he becomes a juggernaut.

If Moonstone is not for you, you may consider playing Maokai in your early ranking games to push up the ladder. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes, Maokai mythical items and skills, full item build launches, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry, and tokens. You can choose another division for the ideal Maokai build, considering what covers the different divisions of the meta-game.

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