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The boy Willump and his friendly magical beast, the Yeti, have arrived on the Wild Moat. Bound by their shared love of snowballs, they storm the alleyways of the Rift. Nunu and Willump like to come forward and use their third ability and absolute zero ultimate mass control to kill enemies.

The consumed Willump bites off a Minion monster or enemy champion and deals damage and healing to Willump. Little Nunu and his magical Yeti- Willump (the last champion available with Vengeful Brand before patch 2.4) have a passive called Freljord, in which Little Nunu increases attack speed and movement speed of his magical Yeti and his nearby allies, dealing basic damage to enemy targets. With this passivity Nunu & Willump gain attack and movement speed for a few seconds and can damage enemy champions, large monsters and structures.

Once the channel ends, Willump deals magical damage equal to 3 / 15 of maximum health to the enemy, rooting the enemy for 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. If it ends near a nunu, it also deals magical damage to the enemy based on the enemy's maximum horsepower, and roots the enemy based on the number of snowball blows the target has. When the Nunu Willump finishes, root the champion or the big monster hit by the snowball.

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Snowball locks Nunu and Willump channel for 2 seconds and throw snowballs that do magic damage and slow down enemies. Nunu increases the attack and movement speed of Willump and his allies, causing Willump's basic attacks to damage enemy targets. Snowball Blocker is both Nunus and Willump's most reliable damage and mass control tool, and together with their basic abilities, you can use it to inflict burst damage on a single target, root multiple targets, or fire it at nearby enemies.

In Dead Men Plate, Flame Aegis, Spirit Visage, Force of Nature, Thornmail Plate, Steelcaps Gargoyle, Nunu and Willump Tanks are known to survive a lot of damage and this is expressed in their buildings. In Wild Rift, you can create different attack combos for Nunu or Willump based on the opposing champion you face and your style of play. When a team fight takes place, they are a great front to protect your team, so don't be afraid to give it your all with your snowball and do a bit of damage so you can survive for a long time.

Nunus Core items are increased magical damage, health, armor, abilities, haste, and speed of movement. Wild Rift Builds also contain items that increase health, cooldown of abilities, armor, and mana.

In Wild Rift you can build different items for Nunu and Willump based on the opposing champions you face and your style of play. Instead of building runes to do magical damage, season 11 focuses on building armored items that allow you to survive, protect your teammates, and wear champions. You can build Sunfire Aegis if you want to do early game damage and clear jungle camps.

In our Nunu Williump Guide you will learn which items you build, which runes you select and which skills you need to choose to use Nunu skills. In this guide, we look at the best items, runes, summoning spells and ability analyses for Nunu williump, including tips and tricks to help us determine how to become your master. This section also explains Nunu's ability to ascend.

Below are the best items and rune builds for Nunu and Williump as determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best runes, the mythical item and skill order of the nunus, the full item build start, summoning spells, object build order, trinkets, and counters. The percentage displayed is the opposing counter score for each Nunu / Williump Jungle Plats game.

If the enemy has a lot of healing, you can choose Thornmail if it has a lot of critical damage, Randuin or Omen. If it does a lot of magical damage, Spirit Visage builds. For 8 seconds you can't passively fire Nunu 'llumps at the same target, so be sure you hit as many enemies as possible. There is also a great passive called Immolate that deals magical damage to nearby enemies, which can be very helpful in clearing the jungle by inflicting damage to nearby opposing champions while playing snowball.

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It is a canal ability that allows Nunu to throw snowballs while Willump is on the move. Nunu and Willump's passivity allows them to clear up early in the game, and it also helps them move by being activated on big jungle monsters, buffering gromp and big raptors and wolves. If Nunus is in poor health, he can gain the 2nd ability to walk behind him in a team fight, and he will release a snowball that will blow the enemy away while running.

The snowball, which increases in size and speed for 12 seconds, explodes when he crashes into an enemy champion or large monster in the field, inflicting 35-175 magic damage on enemies and 0.5-1.25 seconds in the air, increasing the size of the snowball. Smite Ignite is a Summoning Spell that ignites an enemy champion of the target, deals 60% real damage to him for 5 seconds, and inflicts severe wounds to the target. Start with the second skill to build a giant snowball to win the team battle, use your ultimate to slow down the enemy, and use the third skill to do damage to root the enemy and give your team a team fight.

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