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Amumu is a slightly more expensive pick that concentrates on being a lock-down carrier that can cause damage on the front line while your team does the rest of the work. Amumu has a lot of crowd control abilities. He not only absorbs a lot of damage in team fights side by side, he also deals a lot of magical damage to the enemy. With his ability to charge and stack his Q, he can lock up the enemy for a long time.

Your main source of damage, the cooldown of the active part of Tantrum, is reduced by one second each time Amumu attacks. When you meet an enemy with this ability, it moves closer to its destination. He can also use Bandage Toss + 1 on walls, which makes it useful to move around the jungle, and you can use it on enemies to increase the surprise factor.

Amumu deals magical damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for a second. When you use this ability, Amumu starts to cry and deals 20%, 11%, 25%, 14%, 30%, 17% and 35% (or 2% magic damage) to his enemies nearby per second. The Crystal Scepter allows Amu to slow down enemies while using his harmful abilities.

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Abyss Mask - This item gives Amumu a unique aura that causes opposing champions nearby to suffer 15% more magical damage when attacked. Liandry Agony - This item gives Amu increased magical damage and an effect that slows down and calms down enemy champions.

Sunburn Aegis - This item has a unique effect that deals magical damage to nearby enemies within reach of a champion such as Amumu. Thornmail - This item reflects magical damage dealt to Amumus Attackers and inflicts painful wounds.

This item gives Amumu its first ability as quickly as possible. He will be a Mage of the middle or middle lane, and his passivity will help to do more magical damage to enemies. It also unlocks ability 3, Tantrum, which deals damage to the enemy and provides a short cooldown to the defense.

Amumu is a great champion for beginners who want to learn how to fight in jungle due to its simple mechanics and high impact in the game. With his skills and efficient play, he is a must-have. As a Rift Summoner, Amumu can be an easy-to-learn jungle with many lockdowns to defeat the enemy and practical support.

Amumu is one of the easiest to learn champions in the league, but don't be fooled by his low-skill cap. He is a powerful force in the jungle, and we have the ultimate guide to help you build the best runes. In this guide, we'll take a look at the best runes and wizards, including tips and tricks that will pave the way to victory on Amumu in LoL and the Wild Moat.

In our Amumu Guide you will learn more about items, runes, and how to select skills to use Amumu skills. You will also find the best items and runic structures for Amu, as calculations have shown from thousands of plats in the League of Legends game. This LoL Wild Rift Amu Build Guide includes amu skills and items as well as gameplay tips and recommended runes and spells.

Learn Amumus skills, details of the best item constructions, skills, and more. I tried my best to include everything I could in this article regarding Wild Rift Amumu Champions.

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In the early game Amumu wants to go up to level 5. He's going to flash lullabies, so try to land your bandage toss as the first skill and follow it with the ultimate.

In the late game, Amumu becomes jungle fodder if you choose Rhaast. Either way, as supervisor on most construction projects, he must be one of the options. He is a good team player and initiator who does a lot of damage if your carry has to go up to the level.

This makes Amumu capable of action thanks to passive damage limitation. The percentage displayed is the counterscore of the opposing champions on Amumu's Jungle Plat during the game. The best picks for Amu are the best picks that are strong against him in many phases of the game, i.e.

Randall's Omen reduces your opponent's attack speed by 15% for 1.5 seconds when hit by a base attack. When a target has maximum health, magic damage is doubled for 3 seconds, slowing and paralyzing Amumus Builds Wild Rift 2021.

Amumu is known as a big team battle tank with Liandry Torment, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Thornmail, Randuin Omen, Mercurys Treads and Gargoyles, which can change the fight. In this guide, let's see what his skills are in LoL Wild Rift and how you can use those skills to get the most out of him. When you work with him, you often see the whole team around you and use your flash curse and your sad mummy for a huge team fight.

Seraph Embrace - Amumu has 90-150 Mana in his first ability, which means he can exercise this ability in the first seconds of combat. He stuns the first enemy with a bandage and simultaneously pulls in another target.

From the very beginning, most living champions have maximized the amumus ability. The first is that Amumu is not a major threat, which deflects the focus from not allowing him to use his skills.

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