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No matter if you were a Amumu main since Beta, or you are just learning Amumu for the first time, we have got you coveredwith our definitive guide, including best builds and runes. With our Amumu guides, you will find out what items to build,what runes to pick, skill order, and how to use the abilities of Amumu correctly. Our Season 11 Jungle Amumu Guide hasrecommendations for rune selection, itemization, tips, tricks, and much more. In this guide, we are going to look at the bestrunes, enchantments, builds, including tips and tricks for clearing the path for victory with Amumu in LoLs wild rifts.

Below, you will find the best items and runes to build with Amumu, determined from LeagueSpys calculations from thousands ofLoL games at +Plat level. Below you can see the best builds for LoL Amumu, which are calculated from average winning buildsacross Platinum+ leagues. In our League of Legends builds, you will see the most popular and versatile variations for eachbuild.

As you can see in Amumu jungle builds, Amumu rune sets are mentioned that have the best potential on Amumu. If you arealready aware of how to play Amumu, it is an excellent resource for getting quick access to good rune choices for patch11.20.

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Using the Runes for Repair and Tanky Item Build, combined with Vanguard Playstyle, Amumu is an easy to play champion inLeague of Legends. Amumu is a tank who has great crowd control, and as mentioned earlier, an awesome skill called Curse ofthe Sad Mummy (Ultimate) which can turn the teamfight around. No doubt, Amumu is a good teamfighting champ, initiator, and hecan do high damage, but there are times when your carries will want jungling in order to get leveled quickly.

We can clearly see that Amumu is capable of initiating every teamfight, therefore defensive items would enable you to absorbas much damage for your team as possible. Since the Amumu build from 12.10 helps in dealing magic damage, you are going to befocused on building up your Tank items which allow you to absorb as much damage as possible for your team.

Amumu can still be a powerful force in the jungle, and we have got an ultimate guide that helps you do just that, completewith optimal builds and runes. With Conqueror in the jungle, and the immense AoE damage of Amumu, Sad Mummy is going to healconsistently during every teamfight. Er shows you what makes Amumu in the jungle so powerful, and how to take out all ofthose annoying Assassins roaming a Rift. Season 11 Jungle Guide Amumu, The Sad Mummy Guide to the Amumu, The Sad Mummy --Here are tips, items, and runes for playing as Amumu.

On stage, when picking and banning champions, you should banning champions who could counter Amumu, and vice versa. If yousee Amumu is stronger than an enemy teams carry, then you should choose Amumu. You are going to stand before your carry, butwell-timed Amumu in your jungle wing can swing any fight to your advantage. While Amumu does not have friends, if you chooseAmumu as a champ and make friends with him, he may be able to carry your games entirely by himself. Amumu in the jungle isdominant jungler, and that is the build of Amumu that you should be going for in order to also have the jungle.

All kidding aside for the moment, Amumu is pretty simple to play, as long as you get your 1 ability landing, Amumu is goingto be good for any team as a roaming champ. Amumu does not have a really defined composition, since it will need to utilizeabilities depending on what situation it is in. Amumu has many crowd control abilities, and besides being able to soak uptons of damage while fighting with his teammates, Sidestep is able to also deal a high amount of magical damage to enemies.He needs blue buff early on, so it makes him super predictable as a jungler, and gets bullied by enemies meta heroes.

Amumu is perhaps the only champ in Alliance that builds full tanks, and yet he also picks up a Demonic Embrace in theprocess. In early-game, Amumu wants to farm early and level up to 5. This allows Amumu to gank in any lane, as well as eitherFlash and the ultimate, or to try to get his Bandage Toss (1st Ability) in, then follow it up with an ultimate. Immobilizemeans that Amumu gets additional resists so that he stays alive for longer, and allows him to stand near an opponent to dealdamage with his 2nd and 3rd Ability. Weaknesses Similar to Aftershock, Amumu can Immobilize using both 1st and Ultimateabilities. With Embrace Seraph, he will get 90 out of 150 mana for his abilities, meaning that he could be casting abilitiesin the early seconds of every game.

Amumu is able to stack up a pretty quick Conqueror thanks to being a Melee champ, then this gives him tons of extra damageand sustain during the battle. Because Amumu can Stun, and Pull Amumu into his target, when Xin Zhao uses his Crescent Guardto try and push him away, he counters him with either his Bandage Toss or Curse of the Sad Mummy. Whenever you tap thatability, Amumu will begin crying, dealing (20+1.1%)/(25+1.4%)/(30+1.7%)/(35+2%) amount of magical damage per second to theenemies that are closest to Amumu. The crying will also be your primary source of damage since the active portion of Tantrumscooldown is reduced by one-half second each time Amumu is attacked.

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