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Jags gave Sivir solo track and Malphite Top Lane to give him a faster level 6, giving NJF the opportunity to play later in the game. This made Malphite's play look a little stacked, but when Jags selected him in his two games, he showed that he could be used to counteract a meta-favoritism of cards over Top Laners. The Casters mentioned that the selection of Malophite denied NJF a Duke pick against a Carry Top Laner, similar to SKT against KT in Game 2, when Ssumday blindly selected fizz and Marin instead of him.

Malphite is known as a front-line solo tank reflected in its physique by the aegis of Thornmail, Abyssal Mask, Randuin, Omen of the Force of Nature, Mercury's Treads and Teleport. If he is grouped with his team in the middle of the late game, he can wear your Wild Rift game as a big front armor and allow the rest of his team to come in and do damage to the enemy. In the jungle he is missing early in the game until level 6.

If you build a Malphite tank combo, you can subtract that build with less damage, but you will still survive and have a big impact in team battles. Malphites are not the best early game tanks, as mentioned above, so it is best to stay on the farm and suffocate the enemy with seismic shards.

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Malphite is a relatively straightforward, beginner-friendly champion for the top track, the jungle and the support. We see many full tanks for malphite, but I would like to see more damage-oriented buildings. He's unpredictable at his core, but some people play him as a magician and build AP.

In this guide, we will break down the Malphic capabilities and propose some strong constructions that go beyond its capabilities and reinforce its power. We will also look at the runes and spells you can equip with malphites.

In our Malphite Guides you will learn which items you build, which runes you select and which skills you need to choose to use the Malphite skills. Build Malphite with the help of the Build Guide.

If you are looking for the best runes for malphites, we have something for you. You will find that the best items for Malphite Rune Building are determined by Leaguespy's calculations of thousands of Plat and League of Legends games. MalphITE builds have a high win rate because they are built with runability order, item paths, counters, and more in the latest LoL patch.

In our Malphite guides you will find a standard set of runes and article tips. Learn about the skills of the malphites, details of the best items to build with, skills, and more. Find items in MalphITE builds, Counters, Guides, Mastering, Runes, Skill Order, Combos and Pro Build Statistics for Top Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support in S10.

In games like Wild Rift, malphite is a popular champion because it takes more physical damage than others. He is particularly useful when it comes to team battles, especially with his ultimate, and you can learn how to turn the tide with that. In-game, it can be built with items that increase magic damage and withstand health magic, much like a mage or tank in League of Legends.

Malphite is one of the strongest tanks in the game, capable of causing enormous damage. Malphite performs well as an ad hoc scaling champion, and as a result it is a typical champion you will see in the top track.

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Malphite has the ability to scale the armor throughout the game without its magic having to resist. With his passive clap and his W Grand Slam, both of which have armour, it is logical to build him up this way.

At this stage, Malphite can use its ultimate ability against its enemies with a simple double ability, combining great AoE, mass control and burst damage. What he lacks is that not only is his ultimate weakness compared to other top picks, as shown in Game 10, but the champion's ability to dodge and block is an unstoppable force that interrupts that weakness.

The co-top build in this list is a variant of the Malphite build in the top alley with malphitic mythical items. This build variance has Luden's Echo as a mythical item and Lost Chapter to help him with early-game mana problems.

This article set-up is ideal for playing Malphite on the middle track as an AP carry. If you build a full AP, you can hit a shooter or a close target with one shot, and if you don't succeed, the malphites are dead. Due to the high win rate of this build, the runset and skill sequence for this item is on its way to platinum.

We calculated the highest win rate per item build for the best Runic Malphite Mythic Item / Mastery Order, Full Item Build, Initial / Summoning Spell, Item Build Order, and Jeweler. We also calculated the best Ultimate Spells for each item build and the best Runes for each of the mythical items / skills of the Malphites in order of complete item builds, starting items / summer spells and item build orders, jewelry and tokens.

The classic runic sets for Malphite and other melee tanks can be seen here and here. Here is what you will see for the classic runes intended for all malphits except melee and tanks.

Shard of the Monolith Malphite is one of the best tanks in League of Legends. In the wild ditch, he's known as Rock Not Rock, Johnson Rock or simply Rock, and he's a champion who's super fun to play with, whether he's the top rink, the baronetcy or the support.

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