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Your level, spells, armor, and Agathys serve as your passive, but we have many other abilities that do the same. We take Coat, Flying Sunfire Cape, Turbo Chemical Tank, COF Poison Damage, and as I write this build, every goddamn jungle in the game Turbochem is running in patch 1.18.

Used in combination with Frenzye Taunt to force enemies to attack Rammus. As long as you are active, your magic bonus damage increases and applies to enemies attacking Ramsus.

You can also use Frenzying Taunt to beat back enemies by using the 1st Powerball. Make sure you activate your Aftershock Rune before using your 1st and 3rd Frenzye Taunts to activate Defensive Ball Curl, as Rammu's Armor and Magic Resist double.

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Rammus taunts an enemy champion or monster and gains attack speed for a few seconds. Gives him a huge bonus in combat for accelerated movement speed thanks to rolling an Armordillo. Allows Ramsus to jump toward a target in any direction, damaging enemies in the area, generating an aftershock that slows enemies down for four seconds and distributes magical DPS.

In the early game, Rammus is weak and needs support from the first Jungle Monster. He taunts enemy monsters and champions with reckless attacks on them. In the middle of the game, he has a good damage ejection that allows him to hunt monsters in the jungle as he ascends.

Rammus is not difficult to execute combos, but most of his kit is situational. As the game expands, Rammus may be useless to the enemy ADC unless he has maximized their items. Skill can be a crucial factor in middle and late play, as it can distract and damage enemies.

With Rammus you want to increase your skill to 1 and go up to skill 3 and skill 2. You will also learn a second-level spell, blindness / deafness, which makes it harder for people to hit you while keeping a person out of the reach of jibes.

It gives Rammu some much-needed health and armor to survive, and he has a lot of control over the crowd to mobilize enemy champions, so you can use painful wounds to stop their healing. If you build gargoyles for him, you will want to build a lot of armor and magical resistance to stay alive during dive and team battles, and to increase these values, you will get Defensive Ball Curl as a second skill. With it you can use Black Cleaver, Sunfire and Aegis to protect your team against healing.

Rammus is a jungle tank with lots of defense, mass control and unparalleled roaming capabilities. With his skills for a mobile champion, he is very good at confronting the enemy with his tanking skills. This allows you to clear efficiently, which is very important for Rammus, as its jungle clear speed is slower than average.

In the further course of the match it is best to maximize your own strength in order to build a lead and dominate your opponent. After killing 4 big monsters, upgrade Smite to Chill Smite for a more challenging Smite targeting enemy champions. If you have an advantage over an ally, you get an additional d6 damage from your sneak attack, which increases with the level.

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If you're on the losing side, it's best to put the game to one side for now. If you want to climb back up, abuse the meta champions and break the meta picks and builds. Spread positivity and try to inspire people to win games so they can win games.

With his ability to distract, Rammus is a popular beginner champion used by many players. This champion is unpredictable by default, but with the right physique he can become unassailable. Learn all about Rammuß skills in detail, the best items to build, skill level and more.

We are here to help you take your Wild Rift game to the next level if you are new to Rammus or want to refine your style of play. In our Rammu Guides you will learn how to get items, build runes and select skills to use Rammuss skills.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the best runes and wizards, including tips and tricks that will help you to win on Rammus in the LoL Wild Rift. You will find the best items and runic structures for Rammu, as calculations of thousands of plats in League of Legends games have shown. We calculated the highest win rates for each item build, the best runes for each of the mythical Rammust items, the skill order, the full item build launches, summoners, item build orders, and jewelers.

The proposed Rammus buildings show the specific subdivisions of the meta. Percentages show opposing odds for Ramsey in every game. The best ramming rounds according to position range (primary path) andsecondary path.

Wild Rift currently has 65 champions, and that number will increase with each patch. It is nice to learn more about the role of each champion and to improve the general knowledge of the game, but your progress will be much slower.

The biggest irony is that rams and tortures don't help us much. The tips on how to become an effective jungle do not apply to him, but they can be applied to any jungle. It is best to learn 1-2 champions per role and then learn each champion individually.

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Rammus does not talk much, but he is a master of subtlety, and the thief does not let him speak without saying what he means to say. Imagine they made a ghost that blossomed out of the skin of Rammuz and played an instrument like yone or yasuo.

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