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Chogath is slow for a reason, and you are looking for a champion with good agility and poking. The most powerful and effective way to build a Chogath tank is with AP, so try to get a feel for it.

Below are the best items and runic structures for Chogath that have been determined by Leaguespy's calculations from thousands of records in League of Legends games. Chogath's guide to building Chogath in season 11 leads to the top tank races on Chogath's side, combining powerful items and jungle builds full of AP damage from professional players to improve the abilities of summoners and skill combos that he counters in the newest league of legends. League of Legends Wiki guide by IGN 5 hours ago from IGN shows how the champion is a viable tank champion with health spells, his ultimate and a low proportion of his spells.

Welcome to the Statistical Chogath Build Guide for Top Lane 1.12.0. This page contains instructions on Champion, Character, and Strategy for Chogath in League of Legends (LoL), including stats, skills, abilities, runes, constructions, recommended gear, equipment, and style of play. If you are looking for the best runic structures for chogaths, we have you covered.

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Champion Build Guides for League of Legends are based on the latest game data statistical analysis so you can be confident our stats are unbiased and up to date. We calculated the highest odds for each item build, the best runes for Chogath mythical items, skill sequence, item build starts, summoning spells, item build sequence, jewelry, and tokens. There are not many games played and champion builds vary, so we have provided the top builds, but they do not have a high confidence rate and should be used at our discretion.

I enjoy high health, strong carry champions with good CC, a high kill farm and champions with high kill rates. Most other people think it's a 41 per cent win rate against champions with a 56 per cent win rate in the jungle. This build-up is the game with the Iron Elixir and 8000 Health that does the most damage to teams by far.

Chogath is not a pretty champion, in fact he is quite ugly to be honest. Warmog armor - An item for Chogath providing excellent bonuses for health, health regeneration and cooldown reduction. It allows him to replenish damage and use his crowd control abilities in team combat. Activating the item gives its users a boost to their current maximum health, and Chogath's feast scales with his health so he can carry a shot of low-health enemy.

This item gives you a lot of armor, the ability to hurry, and an amazing debuff on opposing champions that reduces their attack speed. Fair Glory - This item enables Chogath to take the fight to the opposing team while refueling, and provides the necessary crowd control for his team. Health is a strong value for Chogath's ultimate, not only because of the health gained, but also because stacks scale with bonus health.

It is an item for enemies who rely on healing items and runic abilities in their set. If you want to build a single armor, Zzrot Portal will resist you, but you will need a nice amount of movement speed, with towers active to split you. For your fifth item location, choose the Adaptive Helmet to counteract champion bursting, or the Abyssal Mask to ward off damage with a single spell like Cassiopeia or Malzahar.

There are certain things that are worth building for any champion. For the Champions League winner, it depends on the situation, which elements are used most effectively on the pitch.

Chogath build 1119 has a win rate of 52.04%, which is good for a pick rate of 0.83% and a ban rate of only 0.32%, both of which are very low. Chogath is the easiest to play Champion in League of Legends, with spell runes, unique items, and a structure that combines a special style of play. The best Chogath rune location is the primary path and A the secondary path.

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Top League of Legends - Chogath Top Guide of Season 10 Check out our tips on items and Runes to play as the Terror of the Void. See which champion is the better in our Chogath vs. Cooking matchup stats. Percentage show hostile champions against top-flight opposition.

One of the best uses for the additional armor and magical resistance it receives is to engage the opposing team by cracking it and increasing its size in addition to its effective health.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent. Once you have 6 stacks, you can win by gobbling up enemy champions.

You should always try to get the most out of your basic rune and the automatic attack properties of your item. In extreme cases where the opposing team has a lot of dragon potential or blows up objects, the mythical choice should ensure that you are close enough to your target to execute your combo before it wilts from you.

Chain shirt and Negatron camouflage for increased armor and magical resistance. On top of that, give Frostfire Gauntlet a fire sacrifice effect to make it easier for you to operate and deal a lot of damage to opposing champions.

All you need to complete the missing parts is another Brawl Champion and a Yuumi item. Yuumi's articles are designed to help you find what's perfect for you to build Chogath without having to open dozens of tabs looking for them.

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