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If you are already comfortable playing Dr. Mundo, it is an excellent resource to get quickly into good rune choices for patch11.20. With our Dr. Mundo Guide, you will find out what items to build, what runes to choose, the skill order, and how to usethe abilities of Dr. Mundo correctly. Since the build of Dr. Mundo in 11.19, the champ that helps you do a mix of damage, youare going to be focused on building everything on items, everything that will allow you to enable yourself at a good momentduring a teamfight. Below, you can find the best items and runes to build for Dr. Mundo, determined by LeagueSpyscalculations from thousands of League of Legends games with Plat+.

As mentioned, focusing on the runes that improve or improve Dr. Mundos stats percentage wise would be a good idea, since mostitems players would want to build on Dr. Mundo are defensive. Players will also want to focus on runes that help boost thestats of Health, Armor, or Resistance by a percentage since the runes that help increase Health will be the main goal for Dr.Mundo. While having abilities tied to health is exciting initially because it means players will not need to rely on mana forabilities, however, because Dr. Mundo is likely going to eventually become a main tank in ARAM, players will need to watchout for when using abilities to hurt enemy champs.

Dr. Mundo is an extremely tanky champion, having a very high chance of survival through either defenses or mobilityabilities, a fair chance of dealing damage through attacks and basic abilities. That is right: Dr. Mundo is one of theeasiest tanks to play, can do tons of damage, can also be able to survive, and is a generally irritating champion to playagainst. Dr. Mundo is an excellent teamfighting champion late-game, when teamfights occur, Dr. Mundo needs to be on the frontlines protecting his teammates.

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Dr. Mundo gains bonus damage on attacks depending on the HP they lose, with their next basic attack hitting their targets forextra damage. Active: Dr. Mundo smashes the Doctor Mundos medicine bag into the opponent, dealing extra damage based on theirmissing health. Dr. Mundo launches a cleaver at Dr. Mundo, dealing damage equal to part of the targets current Health andslowing them down for a brief moment. Dr. Mundo hurls a Bonesaw Infected, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits,according to their current health, and slowing them.

At the end of its duration, Dr. Mundo deals a burst of magical damage to nearby enemies, and he heals Dr. Mundos gray healthif the enemy is hit. Retracing Chemical Jar decreases cooldown by 10 seconds and heals Dr Mundo to 8% max health.

Dr. Mundo depletes his health to decrease Disables duration and deals continuous damage to nearby enemies. Dr. MundoElectrocutes Dr. Mundo for several seconds, dealing magical damage to nearby enemies and saving some damage taken as GrayHealth. He then heals part of his max health for a longer duration, getting bonus movement speed and damage from attacksduring the healing.

When combined with a blue heal effect from a blue out-of-battle, Doctor Mundo does not have to be called back into the basefor a heal, but just for items. He is extremely tanky due to his max dosage heals, as well as being very simple to play,which is great for players just starting Wild Rift. Dr. Mundo is excellent in all lanes, but this guide is going to focus onhim as a jungler due to his early game being very overwhelming, and can compete with meta-junglers such as Lee Sin and XinZhao.

Unlike laning, Dr. Mundo the jungler is free to recklessly spam passives as he is going to re-generate his health costsquickly regardless. Each instance of magical damage that Dr. Mundo takes, including health costs that Dr. Mundo pays,increases his magical resistance. Dr. Mundo resists the first enchantment that hits Dr. Mundo, losing his Health instead, anddropping the cannister with chemicals near it.

Dr. Mundo pauses a bit while casting the Infected Cleaver, so aim passives carefully or else you run the risk of losing yourtarget. If the explosion damages the opponent, Dr. Mundo heals 15% of damage taken over the duration of Heart Zapper (2nd).

You could Run Press Attack if you did not want additional movement speed from a keystone, but a second Rune helps Dr. Mundoscleanup while also allowing it to scale well in late-game via Conditioning. Revitalize will max out your heals, as well astaking advantage of the limited-testing nature of Dr Mundo with Last Stands extra damage. Dr. Mundo players also get accessto Masochism(e), which allows players to do a higher amount of damage on attacks depending on how much of your players HP isgone, players also get a bunch of passives by upgrading Masochism(e), so I would recommend upgrading that sucker first orsecond depending on what abilities you are most likely to be landing in every matchup.

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Riots Initial Healing Swap Pass is coming in League of Legends patch 12.12, targeting Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Viego, and Yuumi. Tomaster Dr. Mundo in either role following its new overhaul, make sure you keep reading for our guides to the best runes,builds, tips, and tricks for Mastering Dr. Mundo in League of Legends. Mundo players will want to build Thornmail in secondor third place if facing a damage-dealing team that is all about offense, however, depending on the type of team you arefacing, I usually build Thornmail late in game.

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