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Jarvan IV is a melee champion with the ability to reduce armor, slow down enemies and increase his attack speed. With recent changes to items, his builds have become much more diverse.

Here you will find the best items and runic structures for Jarvan IV as determined by calculations from thousands of the league and Plat games. In our Jarvan Guide you will learn what items you build, which runes you select, and what skills you need to choose to use Jarvan's skills. How to Build Jarvan in Season 11: Guide to Jungle Rune Pages J4 Powerful Equipment Top Builds Full Damage Pro Players Jarvan is the latest counter-combination in the League of Legends to enhance the abilities of Summoners and Support abilities.

Learn more about Jarvan IV in League of Legends: Wild Rift, including master skills, tokens, and skins. Jarvan can also face other champions with little defensive mobility. Its basic attacks deal deadly damage to low-health enemy champions, thanks to its passivity, which deals 10% of the current health of champions with bonus physical damage.

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With Jarvan IV you will want to maximize your skills at 1 and continue to improve up to Skill 3 and Skill 2. Mastering his goal of capturing the immortals can help to trade with enemies and improve track maintenance.

Since season 11, Jarvan IV has been built with runes to help you deal with physical damage, so you can focus on building enough damage and threat to survive team battles and dives. The best Jarvan rune location is the primary path and A the secondary path.

In addition, Jarvan has a lot of teamfighting benefits, and if he is an AD wearer, he can crush 5 enemies at once. Dragon Strike is amazing for AD scaling and labor reduction, not only for Jarvan, but also for his allies. The 3rd Demacian standard direction of Dragon Strike works when Jarvan strikes and hits back enemies that have been hit.

This tanker construction causes less DPS, but it keeps Jarvan alive and allows Jarvan IV to deal more total damage per hit and receive more knock-ups. Flash Smite is an indispensable incantation spell for Jarvan, and Teleport can be used in conjunction with J4 to beat the strands.

Demacian Standard - Jarvan IV throws a demacian standard that does magical damage and stays in place for a few seconds, giving close allies and champions attack speed. He can throw the Demaker standard banner to damage enemies around him, or plant them, giving allies around him bonus attack speed. Activating his DemACian standard allows Jarvan to place a Democian flag that does magical damage on impact and grants near allies or champions attack speed.

Jarvan jumps on an opposing champion and does physical damage to his opponents nearby by creating an arena of terrain around them for a few seconds. Jarvan jumps on opposing champions, damaging enemies in the area and creating rough terrain around the finish. Then he attacks with his lance in the target direction and damages and reduces the armor of the hit enemies.

Dragon Strike - Jarvan IV stretches out his lance, inflicts physical damage, and lowers the armor of the enemies on his lance path. That rips Jarvan off his demagogic standard and puts enemies in his way. Once the lance is in contact with the Demacians standard, it will pull Jarvan back to his location and throw enemies out of Jarvan's path for 0.75 seconds.

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Martial Cadence Add Bonus Damage: Jarvan attacks his enemies first based on their current HP. Jarvan IV's first basic attack on an enemy inflicts physical damage on the enemy based on the enemy's current health.

Jarvan IV can be decimated by key enemy damage dealers through these two items and synergy with a capable Orianna before the team fight even begins. The lethality of this build is that Jarvan's Dragon Strike and Cataclysm abilities do more damage than any other build. First, Jarvan's Dragon Strike shredds enemy armor, while his Demacian Standard increases the attack speed of his allies and increases the damage he does as an AD carrier.

We calculated Jarvan IV's damage as a tank, complete with armor and items, against spongy carriers. The percentage shown is the opposing counterscore against Jarvan in Jungle Plat games. We assume that Jarvan lands a dragon strike that shredds an enemy armor.

Jarvan's characteristic skill, of course, is his cataclysm, which can lock up an entire team and force the enemy to use Flash. If Jarvan fails to land a combo, he can use the slowness of his W Golden Aegis to chase down the enemy. Jarvan IV's main combo is a great engagement and escape gangster at every point of the game.

As the match progresses, it is best to get the maximum out of it and have a strong ability to build a lead and dominate your opponent.

Welcome to Statistical Jarvan IV Build Guide Jungle 1.12.0 We calculated the highest odds of winning items with the best runes for Jarvan Iv, mythical items and skill orders, complete items, launch items, summoners, item building orders, jewels and brands. Jarvan build 1.11.9 is the easiest to play Champion in League of Legends with dominance runes and dive object constructions combined with a diver game style. We calculated the high odds of winning item builds for the best rune for Jarvan's mythical items and ordered skills, complete item builds, starting items, summoning spells, item builds, and jewelry counters.

Champion build guides for League of Legends are based on a statistical analysis of latest game data so you can be confident that their statistics are unbiased and up-to-date. It's the preseason league of legends Jarvan IV's guides will be updated as patches pass.

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