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This item also has a Passive that synergizes with Khazix's Passive Skill 4, making it a very efficient item for him. While he initially struggled, he has become a new and effective way to fight and kill his prey.

Taste of Their Fear overrides the backswing animation of Khazix's auto-attack on the 2nd Void Spike, so it's best to use it right away. Reaper Claws increases the range of Taste of Their Fears in your auto attacks, so if you use it to isolate an enemy, you get a 45% cooldown back.

Void Spike Evolve can be played in tracks when Khazix has levels 11-16, or in the jungle. Evolve and 2nd Void Spike are best played when he is in Baron Lane or Midlane. In the early game, Void Spike is crucial to keeping him healthy, and Jungle Explosion helps a lot with its jungle-clear speed.

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Bonus damage from isolating a target with Khazix kills the enemy champion when he is alone. If the enemy is isolated, you can see from the ring that it does 110% more damage. This bonus damage is greatest in 1-1 situations and can kill a target.

Black Cleaver An offensive bruising item, khazix shredds armor and damages enemy champions, while other allied champions benefit. It does physical damage by striking with its claws, and does additional damage when the target is isolated. Khzix is rare enough to acquire Evolving Reaper Claws, thanks to a 45% cooldown when used on an isolated target.

You can use your ultimatum to escape difficult situations, but the point is that you want to be the one chasing the enemy chasing Kha while playing Kha.

Learn more about the abilities of KhaZix, details of the best items to build, skill levels, and more. This section explains the capabilities you can improve with the Khazix build for S11. In Kha, you want to maximize your skill 1, followed by skill 2, and then skill 3.

Khazix is a champion that can be played in the jungle. In our Khazix guide you will learn which items you build, which runes you choose, and which skills you need to choose to use the skills of the champion. Build Khazri with confidence using the Build Guide.

If Khazix is not visible to the opposing team, he receives an unseen threat causing his next base attack on an opposing champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow him down for a few seconds. The invisible threat is passively active several times during combat, when it hides in the brush or when it uses its ultimate void attack. As long as it is active, it cannot be seen by the enemy, and it lasts as long as it is usually seen.

Duskblade Draktharr gives Khazix a lot of AD passivity, which is great because his invisible threat does more damage and you can use your ultimatum to move around in team battles. Remember, the ultimate of Khazx lets him develop skills and grants him invisibility when he activates them.

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Duskblade of Draktharr is another item that generally does more damage to Khazix. Serylda's Resentment is also a great item that can do him a lot of damage and also gives him a slow effect when hit with abilities like passive bitterness. As mentioned above, KhaZix's invisibility harmonizes really well with his passive objects, and this point will be discussed later in this guide.

As mentioned before, Khazix relies heavily on his skills, and the more you use them, the better. Since he is so reliant on his skills, the extra skill you get from boots is very important. The best Khazix rune position is on the primary path and A on the secondary path.

He can also win isolated trades with his passive ability, which increases the damage when he isolates a target, making him a great champion standing in line. Jump causes Khazix to jump and does a ton of damage wherever he lands. Once in the area, it benefits from a healing effect.

Below are the best items and runic structures for Khazix as determined by calculations from thousands of Plats in League of Legends games. We calculated the highest odds for item builds with the best runes for each of the mythical items in KhaZixs, skill order, complete item build, starting item, summoning spell, item build order, jewelry and tokens. The percentage displayed is the opposing champions "counter-score for each KhaXix Jungle Plats game.

For Khazix in Wild Rift, there is a standard template for setting up items, and this is what he needs to gain attack damage, lethality, tank penetration, abilities, haste, and health to be the thug he is. Here is a more detailed section of this template that contains the best builds for him.

Khazix differs in its order depending on the champion, score and individual style of play. In this case, the best khazix builds are given in the meta-game Capture the Division. In season 11, the champion is built around runes to inflict physical damage on you, but you can also focus on building items to maximize your AD burst damage and master abilities.

Pro Khazix on Wild Rift requires practice and a good knowledge of the skills and their effects to be used accurately, so if you get stuck, don't hesitate to take this advice. This guide guides you through everything you need to know to evolve from Voidreaver to KhazIX as you cross the ditch. It disassembles its skills and sets out its best builds that will allow you to make the most of its strange skill set.

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