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Below, you can find the best items and runes made for Xin Zhao calculated by LoLSolved's in thousands of Plat + League of Legends games. In Wild Rift, the items built by Xin Zhao can increase attack power, attack speed, health, cooldown reduction, armor, movement speed, and magic resistance, just like junglers in the game. The percentage shown is the counterattack rate of the enemy hero against Xin Zhao. Through our Xin Zhao guide, you will learn which items to make, select runes, order of skills, and how to use Xin Zhao skills correctly.

Xin Zhao develops TFT skills that include determination, three-claw strike, wind-turning lightning, crescent-shaped guardian, and daring dash. He's a boring champion who made Riot be very careful when crafting attack speed-focused items to keep it from spiraling out of control again. Learn in detail Xin Zhao's skills, the best items to build, the skills to level up first, and more.

Master Yi Playing against Master Yi is a little tricky for Xin Zhao, as they both have good attack damage and good attack speed, but Xin Zhao can throw Master Yi into the air using his Three Claw Kick or Crescent Guardian to deflect him. Xin Zhao develops TFT skills, so help this champion destroy his opponents and also lead your team to victory in this game. To start, you can use Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge attack, then Wind Being Lightning, then Three Strike Talon and complete the basic attack.

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Xin Zhao damages nearby enemies based on their current health and knocks back unbreakable targets. Swinging a spear causes 75 (75+100% extra attack +80% AP) plus 15% of the enemy’s maximum health for physical damage, and knocks it back. In addition to challenging the enemy, Xin Zhao blocks the damage of distant enemies for 5 seconds , Each attack and skill increase by 0.3 seconds. Black Cleaver Sterax Gage Guardian Angel Randuins Omen Forces of Nature Covered with Steel Covers-Gargoyle Xin Zhao uses a mixture of AD and tank items to enable him to cause damage and survive.

Crescent Guard inflicts explosive physical damage to everyone around them, based on their maximum HP, and knocks them back, except for the enemy who was last attacked by Xin Zhao or hit by his third, daring dash. Tough Counters Jax Jax is a great counter Xin Zhao champion, has great mobility and stun, and can also punish you using skills like Counter Strike and Leap Strike. Since Amumu can stun and drag himself towards the target, when Xin Zhao uses his Crescent Guard, he tries to knock him back, he will counter this with a blindfolded throw or a sad mummy curse.

However, to fix this, Xin now significantly increases his attack speed (up to 60 percent at level 5) for five seconds. Xin can attack a champion, attack him, and then duel in the middle of a team fight.

Even without crowd control, passive xin could deal additional damage, and every three calls were dangerous. This ability gives Blue the ability to bring more to his team than ever before, and allows him to be useful even if he cannot detonate in a basic attack cycle. Determination helps Zhao to heal and deal additional damage to his opponents.

Turning this damage spell into utility gives Blue the ability to be a true champion, and not just inconvenience. Although Xin no longer becomes a tank when he does, he gains invulnerability to all damage outside of the arena he created (lasts 3 seconds). With 11 Xin Zhao Build and Runes helping you deal physical damage this season, you'll focus on dealing enough damage to be a threat while still being able to survive in a team combat dive.

The LoLSolved Champion Building Guides for League of Legends are based on statistical analysis of recent games, so you can rest assured that our statistics are unbiased and always up to date.

In teamfight, try not to get caught and try to keep attacking automatically and use your abilities to deal damage. Often built around attack damage champions because of the stats you gain from the item.

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It's best to start with Red Brambleback, because you don't have to worry too much about starting mana, and you will be healthy enough to walk through the jungle without taking too much damage. As the game progresses, it is best to maximize, and ultimately it is a very powerful ability to create advantages and dominate opponents.

Craft a Black Slicer to increase physical damage, health, and cooldown reduction. Often built around attack damage champions due to stats +300 to max health +35 attack damage + 10% cooldown reduction you get from an item. This allows him to gain 5 stacks fast enough to deal more damage to enemies.

If you want to build and play games, keep in mind that this champion is mechanically easy to play. The Kindred is a very strong champion, with a 49.48% win rate and a 3.61% play rate.

Determination makes your jungle very fast and forces you to deal massive damage. If you want a tough champion to play in the jungle, Xin is a great choice. Often built around Tank Champions because of the stats you get from this item.

Xin Zhao's next 3 standard attacks deal more damage, and the third attack knocks the enemy into the air. The best keystone rune in the sorcery tree is Phase Rush.

Xin Zhao is immune to damage from champions outside of the circle. Often built around different champions thanks to the +40 movement speed +10 armor stats you get from it. Ideally, you can use this combo to fend off an enemy on your team and then quickly flash behind them.

He is an instant champion in any situation if you don't have a tank on your team. The key rune of greatest support is the summoner spells that work best. Besides using him as a deadly Fighter-style fighter, you can also play this champion as a frontline tank.

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