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Although this build does not have significant statistics such as AD / AP or attack speed, it allows Kaisa to develop all three of their abilities, which is a huge advantage. The abilities in this build are based more on W and Q damage and have less to do with survival than Kaisa's E max. But they allow her to get thrown into team fights more often than her other buildings.

Kaisa gets high value from Press Attack early in the game, so she and her supporters can do a lot of damage and do well. Press Attack is the best keystone you can keep for Kaisa if you build it up for attack speed and crit. The intermediate game is very important for Kaisa as she buys more and more items and improves her skills.

In the middle of the game, Kaisa can also make attacks and outwit opposing champions. Kaisa and the Daughter of Void are more of a one-man machine gun that can melt champions, and at the end of the game they can get some killers and items.

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In this Kaisa guide, let's see what Kaisa's skills are in LoL Wild Rift and how you can use them to get back on top form in the current leaderboard. Kaisa has some unique skills and she has some strong items she can buy. Their abilities can be refined with their items and statistics to build them more flexibly.

Kaisa's most important passive ability is caustic wounds: Each time Kaisa combines a basic attack or ability with an enemy, the enemy accumulates plasma that do additional magical damage and when they accumulate five plasma, they explode and cause damage according to their remaining life. Kaisa's base attacks stack plasma and deal increased magical bonus damage. Kaisa has items that can be purchased to enhance their basic spells with powerful properties.

These well-balanced items give her attack damage, attack speed, slow and physical vampirism statistics, which help Kaisa by allowing her to deal damage due to the rest of her enemies' life. As we mentioned earlier, Kaisa also has a second passive ability called Live Skin, which is associated with the items you use on it. Based on the composition you choose, this ability will allow it to evolve to do more damage to your enemies.

As we are sure, you can guess that there is a lot of freedom in your ability to build paths with your items and runes. You have a few options for Kaisa runes, and you can take different rune paths that stack up with certain statistics, making it easy to move from one skill to the next. Kaisa's goal is to develop her abilities that don't stack up with Tear of the Goddess, so take the pickaxe first and then tear down the goddess, as she will deal you the extra damage you need to defeat your enemies.

The first is the living skin, which allows Kaisa to improve her passivity depending on the objects she builds. Purchasing items that provide AD, AP, and attack speed gives you a variety of advanced abilities.

Manamune upgrades Muramana and gives it better values, it gains 1000 additional mana, its basic attacks deal more damage and the items are passive. ADCs rely on automatic attacks, making Muramanas a better target for Kaisa than Stormrazors in late play. The Stormrazor Build lets Kaisa turn two of her abilities into three, forcing Kaisa to build like any other ADC crit, while the Manamune Build allows her to develop all three of her abilities, making her a hybrid hypercarrier and harder for her opponents to identify.

Theratio gets better with each level of AD Kaisa builds and has a better shield against enemy ADC range in late game. The AD ratio also improves at each level as the ADs receive more critical blows, but not as much as you would think. So do not build tanks unless you have good shields. The most efficient way to stack ADs on Kaisa is discussed in the Item Builds section.

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I think that this build gives you the perfect ratio of AD / AP to attack speed for all 3 items (without boots) and you can choose between AD and AP for the last 2 based on match-up. This ability only works on bonus values of the item and the champion, not on runes.

Kaisa moves to the location of the opposing champion affected by plasma and receives a shield that absorbs damage for N seconds. The best way to survive the early game is to stack plasma and use the fifth attack to inflict enormous damage on the opposing champions.

The first states that Kaisa's ability to develop with this item means that she can play AD or AP depending on the item. This item is best suited for Manamune and Kaisa as they complement each other and it is the quickest way to get your power peak.

In our Kaisa Guide you will learn how to build runes and select skills to use Kaisa abilities. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the best runes and wizards, including tricks and tips that will pave the way to victory on Kaisa in LoL and the Wild Moat. Where to find the best items and runes for Kaisa has been determined by calculations of thousands of games of the Plat League of Legends.

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